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Shroud explains why Epic Games will “save” PC gaming

Published: 13/Jun/2019 9:16 Updated: 13/Jun/2019 9:57

by Calum Patterson


The Epic Games Store has faced widespread criticism from the PC gaming community since announcing its ambition to rival Steam, but top Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek thinks it might be exactly what PC gaming needs.

For over a decade, Valve’s ‘Steam’ has been the number one store for buying PC games digitally, with everything from free-to-play indie games to triple A releases always ensuring they’re available on Steam, in order to reach the biggest audience.

The Epic Games Store has started securing more and more exclusives though, offering developers better splits of the revenue, and while some gamers see this as an aggressive tactic to force them into using Epic’s launcher, shroud thinks it may be necessary for PC gaming’s future.

Epic GamesThe Epic Games Store looks to rival steam as the primary destination for buying games on PC.

Discussing his anticipation for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, a viewer pointed out that it’s “only on PS4 at launch”, to which shroud replied: “It’s ok, Epic [Games] is going to save us.”

Shroud is suggesting that Epic Games may be in the process of securing timed PC exclusivity for FFVII Remake, after all, the game is made on Epic’s own Unreal Engine.

“I don’t think you guys realize how important Epic is to PC gaming,” shroud continued. “They will literally save PC gaming – well, it hasn’t really gone anywhere, but they’re going to help it.

Epic Games, bankrolled by their own massive financial success of Fortnite, now have the means to compete for the market share which Steam previously dominated.

By offering developers better splits of revenue, Epic may entice developers and publishers who may have otherwise avoided making PC versions of their games altogether.

Still, the community sentiment towards Epic is still overwhelmingly negative, partly because it doesn’t have many of the features which Steam users have come to enjoy, such as full refunds for games if only played for a certain amount of time.

Shroud thinks that the pushback against the Epic Games Store from gamers themselves is just down to a general dislike of ‘change’ though, rather than any inherit problem with the service itself.


Riot handing out big Valorant bans for players who queue with cheaters

Published: 28/Jan/2021 7:20

by Andrew Amos


Riot Games is making a promise to not just stop Valorant cheaters, but those who play with hackers. New punishments, including big bans, are on the way to stem those who “ride the cheat bus on the highway to hell.”

Cheaters in Valorant have been a big problem since the game’s release. Despite the deep Vanguard anti-cheat, sometimes players slip through the cracks. Late in 2020, this was a massive problem as players grinded for the best Act Rank possible before Episode 2.

Riot’s systems have adapted though. They’ve boasted about their low cheating rate, although were quick to concede that the negative of encountering just one outweighs the positives.

“We’ve worked to make cheating difficult and expensive, and as a result, the percentage of games with a cheater is a fraction of a percent,” developer Matt ‘K3o’ Paoletti told players on January 27.

“However, those who were able to cheat impacted players far too often. Encountering a cheater isn’t just an inconvenience — it could mean a missed promotion, or a demoralizing halt of a win streak.”

While Riot has done a solid job tackling cheaters, including even snagging a prospective pro mid-scrim, there’s another level they need to address ⁠— players who willingly queue with cheaters.

This is harder to detect with Vanguard, as player intent isn’t clear. However, Riot is looking at cracking down on repeat offenders with 90-day bans. It’s not quite a Hardware ID ban like those dished out to cheaters, but it’s something for those who leech off of them.

“We saw that some players also looked to bask in the ill-gotten gains of cheaters by teaming with them—knowing that the cheater would get banned after a few games, but they would get to reap the rewards,” K3o added.

“One of the first new efforts is to discipline players who queue with cheaters, or as we can colloquially call it, ‘ride the cheat bus on the highway to hell.’ Rank should be an indicator of your skill, not your ability to pay for a service.”

Valorant match cancelled due to cheaters
Riot Games
If a cheater is detected in the middle of a match, Valorant will instantly end the game for all competitors.

Further Vanguard anti-cheat changes to recalibrate rank

That change is one of many being implemented to Vanguard in Episode 2. Riot is looking at a system to recalibrate players’ ranks after cheaters are banned. This is a similar system to how Ubisoft tackles hackers in Rainbow Six.

“The team is also looking at other measures to rectify the damage caused by cheaters, most noticeably, re-calibrating your rating after it may have been impacted by illegitimate players. All forms of boosting are being considered,” he said.

More changes are expected in Episode 2 and beyond, but it’s a promising trend to try and tackle what was once an out-of-control problem.