Shroud reveals crazy game he’d develop if he followed in Dr Disrespect’s footsteps

shroud-dr-disrespect-game-studioTwitch: Shroud / YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Twitch star shroud knows his way around a game or two as a player. However, as a developer, he has some crazy ideas — like this survival game he’d make if he followed in Dr Disrespect’s footsteps and launched his own game studio.

Dr Disrespect set the world on fire after launching his own game studio, Midnight Society. They’ve already revealed their first game, Project Moon, along with Founders Pass NFTs to run alongside its development.

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has flirted with the idea of investing in his own studio too, claiming he’s it’s a “dream” he’d love to see come true.

During a stream on April 8, he also revealed what the first game might be — a survival shooter with a twist.

midnight-society-dr-disrespectYouTube/Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect’s new game studio is already developing its first game.

“There’s this one idea that I always fall into and I don’t know how to make it work,” he said. “I always fall into it because the concept of it sounds cool to me, but I don’t think anyone else will like it.

“It’s the concept of having a survival game with a time commitment and the scale being so large to the point where you have a character, and that character is your one life, and in that one life, you’re getting sh*t done for a week at a time.

“Then you just kind of see what happens in that week, and when your character dies, it gets put on a cooldown. It’s like, sorry you can’t play the game for like four days. You’ve got to wait. 

Shroud didn’t specifically say it would be the first game he’d develop. However, it’s an idea at the forefront of his mind and one that he keeps coming back to time and time again, regardless of how feasible it is.

Only time will tell whether shroud’s idea blossoms into something more, be it in his studio or via collaboration with an existing one. However, as much as he wants it to happen, he admitted it could be a difficult idea to pull off.

“I always play around with that idea in my head because I think it could be so cool, but I can never land anywhere because it’s hard to land somewhere with that. Who the f**k wants to play a game that they can’t play?”