SEGA are planning “something special” on Twitch – new Sonic game?

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In classic SEGA style the developer, like a bolt from the blue, has announced “something special” is coming soon and will be revealed on Twitch. 

If there’s one thing the Japanese gaming company does better than anyone else, it’s break the news that a new project is in the works when people least expect it.

Many fans of Sonic the Hedgehog might be wondering if 2021 will be the year where they get to see another addition to the series.

While that’s not yet been confirmed, we do have some details about when and where this big announcement is taking place.

When is SEGA’s Twitch stream?

On January 12, the official SEGA Europe Twitter account confirmed the event would take place on January 14.

In a tweet, they stated: “We’ll be back for our first live stream of 2021 this coming Thursday with something special. More details to come but make sure to follow us on Twitch to get notified when we’re live!”

How to watch

If you’re interested in tuning in for SEGA’s next major announcement, it’s set to take place on their official Twitch channel.

As of writing, there has been no confirmation as to what this might be . That said, fans will certainly be crossing their fingers for something as special as is being advertised. In the past, streams like this have not lived up to expectations to say the least.

New Sonic game in 2021?

The Sonic series is expected to have a big year for releases.

The most obvious prediction would be that SEGA are preparing the reveal of a new Sonic the Hedgehog game. SEGA have already revealed there would be “a year of celebration – new games, digital content, events, major announcements and a tailored licensing programme” – with 2021 being the 30th anniversary for the franchise.

This follows a similar trend to that of Nintendo, who have continued to keep its core franchises active with constant new games in the Mario, Donkey Kong, and other popular series.

With Sonic having featured on the Nintendo Switch as well, there’s also the likelihood that the developers link up once again should a project come to fruition.

As soon as we get official confirmation on the details, you will be the first to know.

More to follow… 

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