Second DEADROP Snapshot brings PVP, new weapons, customizable cars, more

DEADROP artworkMidnight Society

The second build of DEADROP, referred to as Snapshot CL 3184, is now live as Midnight Society rolled out the first PVP systems, a range of new weapons, and even an early look at inventory management.

At the tail end of July we finally learned of Midnight Society’s first game. After months of teasing from co-founder Dr Disrespect, DEADROP was revealed to the world. As a first-of-its-kind “Vertical Extraction Shooter,” the FPS title was made available right away to early access Founders Pass holders, with new updates promised every six weeks.

While that timeline was quickly adjusted to avoid “crunch” at the studio, the second build (Snapshot) is now live as of September 20. Following on from a first-look at one weapon and a hub location known as the Hideout in the initial build, players now have access to a full PVP mode, multiple guns, and a number of new features.

Here’s a full rundown on everything in DEADROP Snapshot 2, including an early look at the Proving Ground.

DEADROP Snapshot 2 adds first PVP mode

Headlining the second DEADROP build is the Proving Ground, the game’s first iteration on Player vs Player combat (PVP). In this early glimpse, players are able to fight through a large, untextured map featuring both indoor and outdoor zones.

Multiple crates are scattered throughout the map, providing access to 12 weapons in total, according to the latest developer blog. Four variations of pistols, shotguns, and rifles, all fit with unique stats, attributes, and recoil patterns.

DEADROP gameplayMidnight Society
The Proving Ground provides a first taste of PVP gameplay in DEADROP.

After a set amount of time in any given match, teams will be notified of an extraction point. It’s your job then, to loot up, and reach this target in order to return back to your Hideout with the goods. It’s worth keeping in mind, however, that extraction is optional.

If you prefer to stick it out, there’s a huge reward for being the last player standing. If you’re successful, you’ll be “awarded with the selection of items from the combination of the remaining loot.”

New Garage teases customizable cars

New in the Hideout with the second Snapshot is the Garage. While there’s nothing much to interact with here just yet, the area supposedly sets the stage for what’s to come.

Further down the line, players will allegedly be able to “use collected parts to customize your sweet rides,” Midnight Society teased. Exactly how intricate this customization will be and how vehicles will be used in the game moving forward, all remain a mystery for now. Given the game’s focus on FPS gameplay, there’s no telling if full driving mechanics will ever be implemented, so customization could just be a means of flexing in-game.