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Sea of Thieves Anniversary update trailer revealed – Release date, new features and more

Published: 21/Mar/2019 13:26 Updated: 21/Mar/2019 13:35

by David Purcell


Exciting times are ahead for Sea of Thieves fans as a major shakeup is just around the corner for the game, as Rare have now revealed a brand new trailer for the long-awaited Anniversary update. 

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Much has been said about the developer adding a brand new way of battling across the high seas with the arrival of ‘The Arena’ and we finally have some more footage and a release date for its arrival. 

The new trailer gives players a first glimpse of not only that new game mode, but the beginning of a “new golden age” for Sea of Thieves. 


So, let’s see what that will include… 

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RareSome big changes are on the horizon in Sea of Thieves.

When is the Anniversary update coming out? 

After months of speculation, Rare have now confirmed that the Sea of Thieves Anniversary update is set to land on April 30 and will be made available for players on PC and Xbox One platforms – as it’s a Microsoft exclusive title.

New trailer revealed

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What to expect from Sea of Thieves’ latest update

The trailer gives us some flashes of what to expect from the Anniversary update, of course, which includes The Arena, Tall Tales and a number of new features which will soon be available. More information, though, can be found in Rare’s March 20 developer update video. 


The Arena, which was first revealed in November 2018, will finally be added on April 30 – meaning that the developer is still on time to deliver the new content for the ‘early 2019’ deadline they previously set themselves. 

This will allow players to compete against other pirate crews to get the most treasure in a much more compact and action-packed setting.

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Tall Tales is the first real step in introducing a story to the pirate game, which Executive Producer Joe Neate addressed directly in this week’s developer update. He says: “This is us bringing narrative and story to a shared world for Sea of Thieves.


“[These are] things that our players have been crying out and asking for,” Neate explained. “There’s a real opportunity for us to mix what’s great about story, great about narrative and great about shared world and bring all of this together.” 

Sea of Thieves players might be able to fend off the Megalodon a little easier after the Anniversary update.
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Other new features seen in the trailer include fishing, cooking and one scene even shows a harpoon being fired at the Megalodon. 

How will all of these play out in-game? We’ll have to wait and see.