Scream actor “would love” an Until Dawn-style game based on the franchise

scream actor david arquette in supermassive games' the quarry as chrisSupermassive Games

Supermassive Games have reinvented the horror genre with their playable movies, leading horror icon and star of The Quarry, David Arquette, to urge the devs to create an Until Dawn-inspired Scream game.

Whether it’s the now-iconic Until Dawn or the terrifying House of Ashes, Supermassive Games have truly reinvented what the horror game looks like, creating virtual, playable movies that send tingles down your spine.

Their latest title, The Quarry, thrusts players into one of the most stereotypical horror settings in the media; the spooky summer camp nestled at the heart of the woods.

Star of the show, David Arquette, is best known for playing Dewey Riley in his various appearances throughout the Scream franchise. Having cut his video game teeth with The Quarry, the fan-favorite actor has let his imagination run wild, urging the devs to adapt the horror movie franchise into one of their playable nightmares.

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scream actor david arquette playing chris the camp manager in supermassive games the quarrySupermassive Games
Scream icon, David Arquette, plays the camp’s father figure in The Quarry.

David Arquette wants Supermassive to make Scream game

Following the release of The Quarry, Arquette was quick to suggest that Supermassive transform his beloved Scream into one of their interactive films.

Speaking to Comicbook, he states “I think they could pull it off really easily in a wonderful way. Even just re-shooting some stuff. It’s literally like, if you scan some people in there, you can do different versions of different movies and you could do all kinds of stuff.”

“It would be a wonderful experience,” he enthuses. “I would love that! Ghostface [Scream’s iconic prime antagonist] is already in that world, so it’s not that hard.”

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dead by daylight ghostface from screamBehaviour Interactive
Ghostface does feature in a collection of other games, including Dead by Daylight.

While Ghostface does appear as a killer in Behavior Interactive’s asymmetric horror title, Dead by Daylight, we haven’t seen the psychotic slasher appear in many other games of late.

With the buzz around Scream at an all-time high following the most recent installment in the age-old saga, now is the perfect time to unleash Ghostface back into the virtual world. Will Supermassive do so? Only time will tell.