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Scarlet Nexus: All Musubi codes and rewards

Published: 29/Jun/2021 1:03

by Brent Koepp


Scarlet Nexus players can score special in-game items by entering a password given out during each episode of the anime. Here is a list of every Musubi code released so far. 

To celebrate the release of Scarlet Nexus, Bandai Namco is giving out a special code during each episode of the tie-in anime adaptation series.

Players can redeem the password in-game at the Musubi’s Cafe location for a host of rewards. Here is a full list of every code and what it unlocks.


Scarlet Nexus protagonist Yurito clothing
Bandai Namco
Special codes given out during the anime can unlock items and accessories.

Scarlet Nexus Musubi codes

Players must first clear Phase 2 in the storyline before they can get access to Musubi’s. After progressing far enough, an NPC will ask you to meet them at the cafe to kick off the side quest.


After each episode of the Scarlet Nexus anime airs, a secret code will be given out which can then be turned in to the location for a reward. As a starter, every player was given the first password to unlock 1,000 Kin. Below we will list every code that has been released so far.

Episode Password Reward
#00: CODE 1000 Kin
#001: Such a liar Poster Vision Yuito (Visual accessory)
#002: Tell the truth TBA

How to redeem Musubi codes in Scarlet Nexus

  • Step 1: Complete Phase 2 of the game to unlock the Musubi’s location.
  • Step 2: Respond to the message from Mimi asking you to meet up at the cafe. Talk to the character at the front of the restaurant to unlock the special code questline.
  • Step 3: Speak to the character and enter the codes listed above.
Musubi location Scarlet Nexus
Bandai Namco
Codes can be redeemed in Musubi’s.

Where to watch Scarlet Nexus anime

Unfortunately, the free streams of Episodes 1 and 2 on YouTube are now unavailable. However, starting on July 1st, 2021, fans can tune in to Funimation’s streaming service here to catch the entire season as it airs.

For your convenience, we will continue to update our hub to include new codes as soon as they are discovered. New passwords will be unveiled by Bandai as each episode airs weekly.