Routine: Trailer, gameplay, platforms, story & more

Routine robot screenshotLunar Software

Routine is an upcoming first-person sci-fi horror title set on an abandoned lunar base that takes inspiration from an 80s vision of the future. Here’s everything you need to know about the game’s launch platforms, trailer, and more.

Routine was revealed at this year’s Summer Game Fest, giving sci-fi horror fans an early glimpse of the new title. With its hyper-realistic environments, unsettling sound design, and creepy robotic enemies, Routine certainly looks terrifically terrifying.

While info on this new sci-fi game remains rather scarce, there are a number of details that have been revealed. So, if you wish to know more about Routine before its releases, then our handy hub has you covered.

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Is there a Routine release date?

Routine game logoLunar Software
Routine will likely prove popular amongst horror game fans.

Lunar Software has yet to reveal a release date for Routine. The developers will likely reveal further details once more progress is made, so we’ll update this section as soon as any new info is released. 

It’s important to note that Routine was originally announced a decade ago, so hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer for the game’s official debut. 

Routine platforms

Lunar Software announced that Routine will release on  PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Game Pass.

This news was announced via the developer’s official Twitter, so be sure to follow @LunarSoftware for all the latest updates. 

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Routine trailer

During the Summer Game Fest online event, Lunar Software showcased gameplay from Routine. The reveal trailer only lasts a little over a minute, but it does enough to show off the game’s creepy corridors, atmospheric lighting, eerie sound design, and chilling robotic enemies. 

Routine gameplay

Routine gameplay screenshotLunar Software
Routine gameplay looks as fun as it is terrifying.

As players explore Lunar station’s abandoned malls and deteriorating Living Quarters, they will need to avoid the enemies that stalk the station. While running and hiding are both great options, you’ll also have access to the Cosmonaut Assistance Tool (C.A.T.). 

This handy device can be upgraded with various modules, which add unique functions that will aid with survival. Judging from the reveal trailer, the C.AT. can be used to locate nearby threats, while the official Steam page states that players can use it to defend themselves. 

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Routine story

Routine space screenshotLunar Software
Routine is set on an abandoned lunar base.

The official description for Routine has given players a glimpse into what the horror title is about:

“Curious exploration turns into a need for survival when a lunar base goes completely quiet. Searching for answers puts you face to face with an enemy who is certain the main threat is you. Discoveries lead to deeper unknowns and the only way to go is forward.”

So, there you have it, everything we know about Routine. Make sure you check out our other upcoming game release hubs for all the latest updates. 

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