Roblox ‘Horrible Piano player’ goes viral on TikTok with deceptive solos

Roblox pianoRoblox

A piano player has gone viral on TikTok after captivating a small audience at their own ‘horrible piano’ showcase inside of Roblox.

Roblox is a platform of unlimited imagination. Whether players want to take part in experiences like the ones in their favorite anime, show off their virtual cooking skills, or put on their own talent show, there’s something for everyone in the app’s virtual sandbox.

That unlimited level of access means that there are infinite ways for players to stumble across legitimate talent while they’re traversing around and that’s exactly what happened to one lucky TikToker.

Roblox’s ‘Horrible Piano’ experience goes viral on TikTok

The stage for this interaction was a simple one – a small booth with a “Horrible Piano” sign, attended to by a single unassuming avatar.

“Are you playing horrible piano?” pinkkorduroy asked as they approached.

After a short-but-sarcastic exchange, the horrible pianoman relents and starts playing with a level of skill that betrayed their username.

“You do know how to play piano you liar,” korduroy insisted, to which the pianist shotback “No, I don’t,” before continuing to shred.

The entertainment ramped up even further when the musician threw in some nice beatboxing overtop of the classical-style instrumentals they were laying down on the keys.

While Roblox might not be the first place you’d think of to find gifted artists sharing their talents, it’s all a part of the wonderful mixed bag that the block-shaped game has on offer.

They may not all get caught on camera but there’s a wealth of fun-and-strange things to experience for those who seek them out.