Respawn CEO would “love to see” Titanfall 3 but it won’t be anytime soon

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Though Titanfall 3 is not currently in development, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella says he’d love to see the franchise return in the future.

Though Titanfall shares a universe with the ever-popular Apex Legends, fans of Respawn’s original shooter have long questioned its future.

In late 2021, the studio finally provided an answer with one developer telling Titanfall faithful not to get their hopes up because there wasn’t anything in the works.

It seems that not much has changed in the nearly two years since then. However, the crew at Respawn still has a soft spot for the mech-centric shooter that started it all.

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Vince Zampella confirms there’s no Titanfall 3 in development

In an interview with financial news publication Barron’s (paywalled, via Tae Kim), Respawn CEO Vince Zampella briefly addressed what the future may hold for Titanfall.

When asked about the possibility of a third Titanfall entry, Zampella said the studio is “not working on anything currently… But [he] would love to see it happen…” The CEO added that there are no “dedicated plans” for a new entry, though.

He went on to say that because Titanfall remains so beloved, it could only return at the “right time” with the “right idea.” Anything less wouldn’t make much sense.

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It would appear that even though Titanfall 3 isn’t in development, Respawn Entertainment has yet to give up on it potentially seeing the light of day. Such a day is unlikely to come anytime in the near future, though.

For now, Respawn remains laser-focused on producing content for its battle royale, evidenced by the recent opening of a new Apex Legends development studio.

Of course, the team has its hands full with contributing to the Star Wars universe as well – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor hits store shelves on Friday, April 28.

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