Resident Evil Village The Mercenaries: Gameplay, abilities, customization & more

Resident evil village MercenariesCapcom

The highly-requested mini game mode, The Mercenaries, will make a return in Resident Evil Village. While the fan-favorite mode will retain its fast-paced and arcade-style roots, Capcom has promised a number of unique additions.

The excitement for the release of Resident Evil Village is building and Capcom is slowly revealing everything the title will have to offer before its launch on May 7.

While the primary focus of the game will be its main storyline, fans are also looking forward to jumping into a bonus mode that has made a return from previous entries in the franchise.

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The Mercenaries is an arcade-style game mode that involves players reaching an objective within a certain time limit. After the recent showcase on April 15, we now know a lot more about what this fan-favorite side mode has to offer.

Resident Evil villageCapcom
Resident Evil Village is set to be released on May 7.

Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries gameplay

The basic idea of The Mercenaries game mode is to reach a certain point in a set time limit. While journeying to this location, players will face a range of Resident Evil Village enemies who are all trying to get in their way.

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Players will need to tackle their way through these monsters using various weapons and ability enhancements. As The Mercenaries mode is timed, the gameplay is incredibly fast-paced, requiring players to think before using their ammo.

During the Resident Evil Village Showcase, Capcom presented some gameplay for the mode which you can check out below:

Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries abilities

Despite bringing a classic mode back, Capcom has added some new unique mechanics to spice up the gameplay. This includes abilities that players can pick to increase their overall power.

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During the showcase, Capcom revealed seven of the abilities that players can choose from in the mode:

  • Out of Reach: Long distance attacks do more damage
  • Adrenaline: HP recover slightly when attacking with a gun
  • Shotgun Master: Shotguns do more damage
  • Corpse Combustor: Enemies will likely explode when they’re defeated with a gun
  • Healthy: Max HP increases
  • Gruesome Gourmet: Recover a little HP when an enemy is defeated
  • Thick Skinned: Damage Taken Decreases

Although we only know seven abilities so far, there’s bound to be countless more in-game when the title is released.

Resident Evil Village: The MercenariesCapcom
Capcom has evolved The Mercenaries game mode for their latest title.

Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries shop & customization

Another addition to The Mercenaries mode will be the shop and weapon customization. This will allow players to purchase various weapons and upgrade them after collecting enough currency.

These upgrades include improving a weapon’s power, rate of fire, reload speed, and even ammo capacity. So, it’s fair to say they’ll be a lot of hard decisions for players to make between rounds.

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All supplies including medical kits, ammo, and throwables will need to be bought from the shop, so make sure you spend your money wisely.

For now, that’s everything we know about Resident Evil Village’s The Mercenaries. Keep in mind, this mode will come completely free with the game, so you can jump in as soon as the title launches on May 7, 2021.

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