RE Village’s Shadows of Rose DLC promises higher difficulty than main game

resident evil village shadows of rose dlc

Capcom has teased that Resident Evil Village’s Shadows of Rose DLC will be more difficult than the base game, thanks to a reduction in the number of available resources.  

After tons of speculation, Capcom finally confirmed its DLC plans for RE Village earlier this week, announcing a Winters’ Expansion bundle that will hit digital stores on October 28.

Those who purchase the bundle will unlock Third-Person Mode, new playable characters for Mercenaries (including Lady Dimitrescu), and Shadows of Rose.

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Set after the events of RE Village’s post-credits scene, Shadows of Rose will follow Rose Winters into the consciousness of the Magamycete as she attempts to break free from her powers.

Resident Evil Village’s Rose-starring DLC ups the ante

shadows of rose dlc art re villageExpect a difficulty increase in RE Village’s Shadows of Rose.

Resident Evil‘s Japanese Twitter account (via Dusk Golem) recently shed more light on the gameplay mechanics of RE Village’s Rose expansion.

According to the post, Shadows of Rose will prove much more difficult than the core game, thanks in no small part to ammo and recovery item scarcity.

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As such, the Resident Evil Village DLC will place greater emphasis on resource management, meaning players must carefully consider their tactics.

Capcom’s tease sounds like a return to the Resident Evil mechanics of old, where resource scarcity played an integral part in the moment-to-moment gameplay. Many fans would argue that managing resources felt less significant in RE Village.

The Shadows of Rose DLC marks quite the turn for the Winters saga. In RE7 and Village, players assumed the role of Ethan Winters, a man whose attempt at rescuing his loved ones always led him down a path of abject terror.

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RE Village’s upcoming story expansion places Ethan’s daughter Rose in the hot seat, 16 years after his untimely passing. Evidently, the Winters family has yet to know peace.