Resident Evil Village Riverbank Treasure guide: House location and puzzle solution


Resident Evil Village is home to plenty of rare and wonderful treasures, but one of the most well-hidden is that of the Riverbank Treasure House. Here’s how you can get your hands on this secret bounty. 

Resident Evil Village’s Riverbank Treasure House is brimming with lots of Lei – the game’s main currency. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new weapon or just looking to splurge on that next game-changing upgrade, you’ll need to ensure you have plenty of money. One of the easiest ways to acquire Lei is to sell treasure. Resident Evil Village’s treasures can be acquired through killing enemies and solving puzzles in the game’s overworld. 

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However, one of the most lucrative puzzles requires players to head over to the Riverbank Treasure House. It’s here where Ethan can acquire loads of Lei and even pick up a Golden Lady Statue, which can be sold for a hefty sum. While the Riverbank Treasure House can be easy to miss, the loot inside is well worth the time and effort.

Riverbank Treasure House location

Riverbank Treasure HouseCapcom
The Riverbank Treasure House is located in the northern section of the map.

Before you can go and find the Riverbank Treasure, you’ll first need to get the Crank from the Swamp. 

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Once you have successfully defeated Moreau, then simply follow the instructions outlined below. 

  1. Take the Lone Road (west of the Altar)
  2. Turn right and walk down the path until you reach the bridge
  3. Use the Crank to lower the bridge
  4. Enter the boat
  5. Follow the river North 
  6. Disembark the boat and take the path on the right
  7. Open the double doors

Riverbank Treasure House puzzle solution

Riverbank Treasure House solution Capcom
The solution is requires lighting Braziers.

After opening the metal doors, you should see a brazier in the center of the room with two torches on either side of it. 

In order to gain access to the Riverbank Treasure, you’ll need to light the two torches. 

  1. Shoot or knife the brazier so that it ignites the two torches on either side of it
  2. Enter the unlocked room on the left and collect the Lei
  3. Shoot the brazier towards the enemy and set it on fire
  4. Lead the enemy towards the unlit torch at the back of the room
  5. Kill the enemy

Once the torch has been lit, you’ll be able to enter the room at the back. Simply interact with the Golden Lady Statue to add it to your treasure collection. 

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There you have it, everything you need to know about accessing the Riverbank Treasure House and obtaining the loot inside. Make sure you check out our Resident Evil page for all the latest news and guides.

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