Where to find Resident Evil Village masks: Pleasure, Joy, Sorrow & Rage locations

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Avoiding Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters in Resident Evil Village can be tricky at the best of times, but you’ll need to solve the Hall of the Four masks puzzle if you wish to escape their clutches for good.

Resident Evil Village players will be busy busy sneaking their way around Castle Dimitrescu in search of answers. While the castle’s interior may look glamorous, its occupants are rather unwelcoming, to say the least.

In fact, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters will relentlessly pursue Ethan as he makes his way through the dimly lit corridors. 

Fortunately, your stay at Castle Dimitrescu needed to be a long one as the Hall of the Four puzzle will lead to your salvation. However, tracking down the four masks needed to unlock the door can prove a little tricky, especially when the game’s 9’6” tall terror is hunting you. Fortunately, our Statue of the Four guide will ensure you have the tools needed to stop Lady Dimitrescu’s dinner plans. 

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Where to find Hall of the Four masks in Resident Evil Village

  • Mask of Pleasure: Statue inside Castle Dimitrescu
  • Mask of Joy: Second floor of Castle Dimitrescu
  • Mask of Sorrow: Castle Dimitrescu cellar
  • Mask of Rage: Castle Dimitrescu rooftops

Mask of Pleasure location in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Mask of PleasureCapcom
The Mask of Pleasure is pretty easy to find in Resident Evil Village.

The first mask on the list is the Mask of Pleasure. From the Main Hall, climb the stairs leading up to the second floor. Make your way over to the Wine Room and open the door with Dimitrescu’s Key.

Take the Mask of Pleasure from the statue located directly in front of you. Once you have the mask, simply head over to the small room on the right. It’s here where you will find a Mounted Animal Skull hanging on the wall.

Take the skull and examine it. You’ll notice that it has the same back markings as the Mask of Pleasure. Once you have examined it and unscrewed it from the base, simply place the skull on the statue and the Wine Room door will open.

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Mask of Joy location in Resident Evil Village

Mask of Joy Capcom
The Mask of Joy doesn’t take that long to find.

The Mask of Joy is also located on the second floor of Castle Dimitrescu. Carefully make your way through the Opera Hall and walk down the long corridor until you reach the Library. Simply open the door and proceed to the end of the room.

There will be another door that will lead to the Hall of Joy. Simply interact with the statue to claim the Mask of Joy.

Mask of Sorrow location in Resident Evil Village

Mask of Sorrow location Capcom
It’s certainly not hard to see why this mask looks so unhappy.

The Mask of Sorrow is located in the dark confines of Castle Dimitrescu’s cellar. The route to the mask’s location is pretty dangerous, especially since the darkness hides some pretty creepy enemies.

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Slowly proceed through the cellar and dispatch any enemies you come into contact with. We recommend using your knife whenever you can as this will help conserve your ammo supplies. Once you’ve taken care of the flesh-hungry beings, enter the nearby room and take the Mask of Sorrow from the statue.

Mask of Rage location in Resident Evil Village

Mask of Rage locationCapcom
The Mask of Rage is the trickiest mask to get hold of in Village.

The Mask of Rage is the final piece to the statue puzzle. In order to claim this mask, you’ll need to make your way over to the castle’s rooftops. This can be done by solving the bell puzzle in the portrait room, so make sure you check out our guide if you’re having trouble.

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Once you’ve solved the puzzle and clambered up the ladder, you’ll be able to walk atop the castle’s ramparts. Consider equipping your pistol as the skies are littered with winged beasts that stalk the castle’s rooftop. It’s best to methodically take them down before gradually proceeding to the higher sections of the castle towers.

After you have dispatched these winged beasts, simply follow the path until you get to the Belfry tower. The Belfry has a zip wire that you can use to reach the Tower of Rage, which is on the opposite end of the roof. Interact with the zip wire to gain access to the statue and the Mask of Rage.

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How to solve the Hall of Four statue puzzle

Hall of the Four statue puzzleCapcom
The completed Hall of the Four statues should look like this.

Now that you have all four masks, it’s time to head back over to the Hall of the Four. You should be familiar with this room by now, but if you’re struggling to find it, then make your way down to the castle’s first floor and walk west through the Main Hall.

Once you’re in Hall of the Four’s room, place the masks in the following order:

  • Mask of Sorrow: Bottom left
  • Mask of Rage: Bottom right
  • Mask of Pleasure: Upper left
  • Mask of Joy: Upper Right

Upon entering the four masks in the correct statues, the door will open and you’ll be able to claim your razor-sharp surprise. 

There you have it, everything you need to know about Resident Evil Village’s Hall of the Four statue puzzle. Make sure you check out our Resident Evil Village page for all the latest guides and news. 

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