Resident Evil Village five bell locations and puzzle solution guide

Resident Evil Village BellsCapcom

Resident Evil Village is full of difficult puzzles to take on, and one of the most head-scratching requires you to ring five bells to progress through Castle Dimitrescu.

The latest entry in Capcom’s long-running survival horror franchise, Resident Evil Village, is an action-packed experience full of terrifying monsters and mysteries to uncover, but there are also some devilish puzzles to stop you in your tracks.

One of these is the bell puzzle. Once you’ve encountered Lady Dimitrescu and her three flesh-eating daughters, you’ll need to find four masks and place them in the Hall of the Four in order to escape from the winding halls of the castle.

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The first three masks are relatively simple, but the final one, the Mask of Rage, requires you to head to the Rooftops of Castle Dimitrescu. This area is blocked off, and you’ll need to complete the bell puzzle near the Portrait of Dimitrescu to get there.

Resident Evil Portrait of DimitrescuCapcom
The Portrait of Dimitrescu hides a secret passage in Resident Evil Village.

How to complete the bell puzzle in Resident Evil Village

Upon entering the chamber containing the Portrait of Dimitrescu – which is handily marked with an exclamation point on the map – you’ll see a canvas displaying a painting of angels and five bells.

There’s also a note attached to it, reading, “Let the five bells of this chamber ring out”. This may sound pretty self-explanatory, but actually finding all five of the bells can prove a little difficult.

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Here’s where to find all of the bells in Resident Evil Village and how to complete the puzzle.

Bell 1 Location

Resident Evil Village Bell 1

The first large bell is hard to miss, as it’s on a table next to the note that you read when you entered the room. Shoot it to light a small fire above it, and move onto the next one.

Bell 2 Location

Bell 2

The second bell is also right in front of you when you enter the room, but it’s a little harder to get.

Look between the empty frames on the wall, and you’ll see cogs spinning around. There’s also a large bell swinging between them. Time your shot right, and you’ll be able to hit it with a bullet.

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Bell 3 location

Bell 3

Things get a little harder from here on out. Turn around from where you found the first and second bells, and you’ll be able to find the third bell. It’s to the left of the door to the chamber.

It’s only small, so it’s easy to miss, but look on top of the cabinet and you’ll see it. Again, whip out your pistol and shoot it to progress to the next stage of the puzzle.

Bell 4

Resident Evil Village Bell 4

Finding the fourth bell requires some trial-and-error, but it’s a lot quicker if you know where to look.

Climb the stairs at the side of the room and stand on the raised platform. There’s a seemingly inconspicuous chandelier hanging in front of you, but it actually hides a secret. Yes, that secret is a bell.

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Shoot the chandelier and it will start swinging. Time your next shot right, and you’ll hit the bell inside, lighting a flame and getting you one stop closer to completing this puzzle.

Bell 5

Resident Evil Village Bell 5

The final bell’s location is a bit deceptive, and took us an embarrassingly long time to find – so don’t feel bad if you missed it too! While the note says all bells are inside the chamber, that’s not entirely true for this last one.

Shoot the window in the roof to smash it, and move around the raised platform at the top of the stairs until you spot a tower in the distance – there’s a bell inside for you to shoot. You might struggle to see this one if your brightness is turned up.

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Once you’re done with this puzzle, the portrait of Lady Dimitrescu will open up, revealing a secret passage that allows you to get to the Rooftop section of the castle and continue on your path to freedom – and finding Rose.

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