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Red Reserve Unveil Brand New Logo as Part of Major Rebranding Process

Published: 8/May/2018 21:41 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:50

by Albert Petrosyan


Prominent esports organization Red Reserve have unveiled a new logo as part of their rebranding process.

The announcement was made on May 8th and includes a detailed look at the multi-faceted rebranding process in addition to the brand new logo.


Red Reserve was founded in 2014 by FaZe Banks and Scarce as a way for up and coming sniper talent to make it to the FaZe Clan roster.

Today, Red is a publicly traded company that features teams in the professional ranks of Call of Duty, Hearthstone, and Fortnite: Battle Royale.


Their brand new logo was revealed in a video posted on the organization’s official Twitter page.


In the announcement, the Red Reserve Management Team described the motivations behind their decision to rebrand, as well as their plan moving forward.

In the quickly evolving esports ecosystem, all companies are forced to adapt and pivot. We’re dedicated to continuing to operate at the highest level within this competitive market and that is why today we’re excited to announce not only a rebrand to the Red Reserve logo but to the company as a whole, some of the key aspects in our rebrand include:

A new “modernized” logo; A dedication to improving internal operations and infrastructure by bringing in new staff in several different departments; Continuing to work with high-quality partners such as ULT, SCUF, Victrix, KontrolFreek, EWin Racing, and BattleRiff; Increasing our level of fan-interaction through partner activations, giveaways, and contests; Increasing the quality of our content pieces and bringing in new series such as our RESERVED documentary series; Bring in new world-class teams and players to play under the Red Reserve banner.


This announcement comes as part of what has been a period of major change for the European based organization.


Recently, Red’s CoD roster was involved in a highly publicized transfer sage that eventually saw them acquire sought-after Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall to replace Joshua-lee ‘Joshh’ Shephard.

Red Reserve will hope that their new brand and personnel will propel them to greater heights and success in the ever-growing world of esports.


The entirety of Red Reserve’s announcement can be viewed on the org’s official website here.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War adds FOV slider on console & multiplayer Ping system

Published: 7/Oct/2020 19:16

by Theo Salaun


In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, PS4 and Xbox players will finally be able to try out Field of View sliders in CoD while all players should get to experiment with the game’s first Ping system in multiplayer.

In an effort to make Black Ops Cold War as historic a CoD title as ever, Treyarch and Raven Software are adding a Ping system, akin to Warzone’s, in multiplayer and testing console limitations by introducing an FOV slider across all platforms. 


This marks a departure from Modern Warfare 2019, in which FOV control was limited to PC and pings were limited to Warzone.

black ops cold war field of view slider
The Black Ops Cold War FOV slider, a new level of control for console players.

FOV slider across all platforms 

Historically, controlling FOV has been limited to PC games as consoles have struggled with maintaining their frames-per-second (FPS) at larger in-game views. Call of Duty has typically run at 60 FPS, so consoles have been limited to the highest FOV possible to maintain that rate.


Now, starting with the Open Beta, Black Ops Cold War will allow console players to choose from the spectrum of FOV, joining the PC fanbase in finding their preferred visibility from 60 to 120. Treyarch have already warned that PS4 and Xbox users may experience framerate issues (likely unideal stuttering or tearing) at higher FOV, so players will need to be conscious of that when choosing their preferred level of visibility.

One has to assume that BOCW is optimized enough to handle larger perspectives than usual on console, but this is overall a nod to the game’s future as a globally competitive cross-play title. It will also be interesting to monitor how much larger aspect ratios can go on the PS5 and Xbox Series X without encountering framerate drops.

call of duty warzone ping system
Infinity Ward
Warzone’s location and enemy pinging system, which will now debut in Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer matches.

Multiplayer Ping system

Following Apex Legends’ lead, Warzone deployed an expansive pinging system that allowed players to point out everything from enemies to locations and even warnings that enemies had gone through locations. While that mechanic has been a blessing to communication and teamwork in the battle royale, players were left solely dependent on their microphones for callouts in multiplayer.


That’s changing in BOCW, as Treyarch have explained that MP competitors will now be able to “ping objectives, loot, locations, and enemies for your teammates during a match.” Like Warzone, players will be able to choose different button layouts to ping with their preferred mappings.

Overall, these changes should be welcome ones. While it’s unclear how FOV will perform for console players at the highest levels across different systems, adding that control and the ability to ping in multiplayer makes for a game that is thorough and consistent throughout every platform.