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Red Dead Online: How to get money fast

Published: 2/Dec/2018 23:30 Updated: 2/Dec/2018 23:54

by Vincent Genova


This guide will show you how to earn money fast in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.

Earning money fast in Red Dead Online is key to success, as the game comes with a stingy economy that is frustrating a lot of players.

Although it takes a little longer than single player, it is still possible to earn a lot of money in Red Dead Online.

Read on to learn the best way to make money in Red Dead Online.

“Hey bad guy, freeze and give me more money.”

How to earn money fast in Red Dead Online

You may have noticed that looting enemies is only giving a few cents in Red Dead Online, that is no way to buy a $5,000 weapon! Here is how to make more money, and make it faster in RDO.

Treasure Maps

One of the best ways to make money quick in Red Dead Online is to use a Treasure Map. The treasure maps can lead you to chests, which will have up to $100 inside.

You will receive a Treasure Map right away when you start playing Red Dead Online and another when you hit level ten.

If you already used your two Maps, the best way to find more is by raiding a Bandit Camp. The leaders of the camp will sometimes offer you a Treasure Map, or they can also be found on the bodies of bandits while looting. If you come across a Bandit Camp, definitely shake it down.


Do you like the multiplayer playlists in Red Dead Online? Good news, multiplayer is one of the quickest ways to make money!

Multiplayer rounds can earn you up to 10 dollars, so a night of multiplayer can easily see you rack up a few hundred bucks in Red Dead Online. There are three playlists currently available in the beta and all of them grant similar amounts of cash, so pick your favorite.The Race Series as the least amount of variables in game length and a match will take you between 8 and 10 minutes.


Hunting is not necessarily a fast way to make money in Red Dead Online, but it is the most efficient if you are familiar with the single player economy. For whatever reason, Rockstar did not throttle the amount of money you can earn from the butcher like they did in other areas.

You will need a solid weapon to take down the bigger and better animals for selling – and that is going to cost some money. But for experienced players who already have a nice rifle, hunting is a good way to reliably earn money in Red Dead Online. You can expect to earn about $5 per trip with perfect deer pelts.

Story Mission On-Call

As noted by Polygon, Story Mission On-Call is a great way to earn near end-game cash rewards without actually playing your way to the end game!

If you queue up for Story Mission On-Call, you will be entered into matchmaking with other random players who need help finishing a story mission.

If you are a story purist, be aware that matchmaking will not consider where you are in the story and could potentially spoil some plot by sending you on missions in a non-linear order. But if you aren’t bothered by story and are only focusing on cash, there is no quicker way to earn money at the start of Red Dead Online then with Story Mission On-Call. You only need to complete the tutorial to access this mode.

“Wow, I sure have a lot of money now.”

Types of currency in Red Dead Online

Now that you know how to quickly make money in Red Dead Online, it is helpful to learn what money is actually used for in-game.

Money can be used to unlock new weapons, gear, consumables and just about every item in Red Dead. You can earn money only by playing the game.

Gold is also a currency in Red Dead Online and is used to unlock rare cosmetic items. Gold can be earned through game play, though it is not likely you will earn much. The primary way of earning gold in Red Dead Online is through micro-transactions.


How to do secret Cleanse Tanks & Escape Fortnite Season 4 challenges

Published: 24/Oct/2020 7:59

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Fortnite Season 4 might be new, but an old enemy, the infamous gnome, is up to his usual antics. This means there are more secret challenges to complete. Here’s how to do them.

Fortnite’s secret challenges might be a small addition, but they’re welcome ones that keep players on their toes. It’s always nice to get one-up on that pesky gnome, but more importantly, players receive a decent amount of experience for completing them.

Fortnite Season 4 introduced a lot of new things, but it also added two new more secret challenges. They offer a modest 10,000 experience each, which makes them a nice way to boost your level. 

If you want to complete them but aren’t willing to invest the time and patience to figure it all out, we’ve got you covered.

Fortnite Season 4 Secret Challenges
Epic Games
Fortnite Season 4’s Secret Challenges all revolve around this pesky gnome.

Cleanse Tanks

The first challenge is located in Slurpy Swamp, and it’s very easy to do. 

  • Naturally, the first step is to make your way over to Slurpy Swamp.
  • Once you’re there, make your way to the main building and look for the two large tanks lying around.
  • You’ll notice that their tops are missing, which is intentional.
  • Jump inside and take a dip to cleanse them. It’s as simple as that.
Fortnite Season 4 Secret Challenges
Epic Games
The tanks are side-by-side, although they’ll look more green and gnarly compared to the picture above.


Luckily, the second challenge is in Slurpy Swamp as well. However, it’s a little trickier to spot than the first.

  • First, head to the northern side of the main building. It’s the same one you were in for the previous challenge.
  • Next, look for a wall with a conveniently-placed hole.
  • The insufferable gnome who has been playing games with us this whole time will be hidden inside. 
  • To draw him out, all you need to do is walk up towards him. If you get close enough, he’ll panic and launch himself into the distance.
Fortnite Season 4 Secret Challenges
Epic Games
The gnome in question standing next to his escape route.

That’s all there is to it. If you managed to complete them both, you’ll find yourself 20,000 experience points closer to a higher level.

Many players tend to stumble upon these challenges and finish them without even realizing it. However, others aren’t so lucky, and while they aren’t necessarily hard to do, they can be a pain to find.

Who knows where we’ll run into that pesky gnome next, but it’s inevitable that we will again in when the next series of challenges have been released.

Until then, you might want to go back and finish any of the others you’ve missed.