Another PS5 leak: Playstation 5 dev kit and controller revealed? - Dexerto

Another PS5 leak: Playstation 5 dev kit and controller revealed?

Published: 4/Apr/2019 9:57 Updated: 4/Apr/2019 10:26

by Paul Cot


The gaming community is desperately awaiting news on the hugely anticipated PS5 and the latest leak reveals what appears to be a PS5 dev kit, as well as a controller to boot.

PlayStation 5 dev kit

At this point, the existence of a Playstation 5 dev kit is highly probable. A PS5 release now seems a question of when, rather than if.

This leak provides the first visual of the PS5 dev kit, however, and was posted by Twitter users SUPERSONIC4k and Tidux. In truth, little can be gleaned from the appearance of the dev kit hardware as the PS5 won’t look like this as a finished product, presumably. 

Assuming the leak is real, and it’s entirely possible that it isn’t, the dev kit looks like something from the 1990s, let alone the design for what should be one of, if not the, most powerful console ever.

This could be the dev kit that developers are testing future PS5 releases on…

PS4 dev kit comparison

PS4 users may recall what the original PS4 dev kit looked like. While it will have been interesting to see how it develops, it looked nothing like the final PS4 product.

Unfortunately, this shows the design of the PS5 dev kit has little to no bearing on what the much hyped PS5 will look like.

PS5 controller leak

PS5 controller designs have been making the rounds on the internet for years now. Some seem believable, while others are just flagrantly fake.

This leaked PS5 controller is at least somewhat believable, though. The touchpad, which provides a screen and appears to showing a messaging feature, does seem like it could be a genuine next step in the Playstation controller development cycle.

With that said, the design of the control has a lot of Playstation enthusiasts questioning its legitimacy. The design is rather clunky and doesn’t befit what would be expected from Sony’s next controller design.

The PS5 controller leak looks believable yet questionable at the same time.

Real or fake?

The sincerity of the leaks is somewhat debatable, although it has been speculated from people in the know that they are fakes.

The designs of both the dev kit and controller do little to make them believable. However, the designs could well be prototypes and, based on their appearance, subject to change.

With the evidence that previous dev kits have looked nothing like their finished product, whether this latest PS5 leak is real or fake remains inconclusive.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War leaks suggest new ‘Dropkick’ game mode coming soon

Published: 28/Nov/2020 10:56

by Joe Craven


A brand new Black Ops Cold War game mode, named ‘Dropkick’ and featuring nukes, has surfaced in-game and looks set to be added by Treyarch in the near future. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is rapidly closing in on the inception of its first season of content, with developers Treyarch promising a year of incredible support.

We have already seen new game modes in Black Ops Cold War, mainly in the form of Fireteam Dirty Bomb, a 40 player Uranium fuelled arena of chaos. The four-team playlist has been widely praised by the community, joining modes like Fracture and Control on the list of Treyarch-created game modes.

It seems that Black Ops Cold War fans are set to receive another unprecedented game mode, at least if recent in-game leaks are anything to go off.

Fireteam Dirty Bomb screengrab in BOCW
Fireteam Dirty Bomb is a 40-player four-team mode that has become very popular in Black Ops Cold War.

A pre-match loading screen in Black Ops Cold War appears to have released plenty of details about the new mode, which will be called ‘Dropkick’ – barring any last-minute changes from Treyarch.

While the images across the middle of the screen advertise Fireteam Dirty Bomb, the message across the bottom of the loading page gives us our first hints at what Dropkick could entail.

It reads: “If you die while your team is holding the objective you won’t respawn until the carrier is eliminated.”

Dropkick message in Black Ops Cold War
Treyarch/Twitter: @ModernWarzone
The loading screen referencing Dropkick across the bottom.

Other in-game leaks have indicated that Dropkick will revolve around nuclear weapons and codes.

While details remain scarce (obviously), the description of the mode reads: “Gain access to launch codes while holding the objective in Dropkick to deploy a powerful nuke and declare victory.”

Dropkick nuke message in BOCW
Treyarch/Twitter: @ModernWarzone
It appears that a nuke drop will end matches of Dropkick in Black Ops Cold War.

It goes without saying that there’s no guarantee we’ll see Dropkick in BOCW anytime soon. Until we receive official confirmation from Treyarch these leaks remain very much unconfirmed.

However, it is certainly indicative of Treyarch working on new game modes, so keep your eyes peeled on Black Ops Cold War in the near future.