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YouTuber Austin Evans shows why you should be excited about the PS5

Published: 15/Jul/2019 9:24 Updated: 15/Jul/2019 10:24

by Paul Cot


We still don’t have a release date for the PS5 or next-gen Xbox but one gaming enthusiast has decided to get their hands on the PS5 early – at least in terms of specs.

While we don’t know the full details of Sony and Microsoft’s upcoming consoles, both companies have revealed specs for their respective systems. The two consoles are expected to release in the holidays of 2020, meaning we are still over a year away from their eventual launch.


However, as Sony have revealed some fairly detailed specifications of the PS5, along with a subsequent leak that revealed even more detailed information, we have a good idea of how powerful those specs will be. Most of the hardware that is claimed to power the PlayStation 5 is available to buy now – albeit with a bit of tweaking.

Austin EvansAustin Evans tried to replicate the PS5 specs in the form of a custom-built PC…

So, if the hardware is available to buy now, why wait until late 2020? That was the question Austin Evans asked himself before putting these specs together in the form of a PC.


The custom-built computer enabled the popular YouTuber to find out whether the PS5 specs will live up to the hype.

Specifically he tested whether the PS5 will be capable of the all the important milestone of 60 frames per second (FPS) at a 4K resolution. He also sought to find whether the hardware can handle 120 FPS as Sony have already claimed. Additionally, Sony have claimed it will be capable of 8K resolutions, although it is difficult to see this providing anything more than 30 FPS.

The games that were tested were Metro Exodus, The Witcher 3 and Fortnite, although we don’t think the PS5 will have too much trouble running the popular battle royale game. However, graphical settings did need to be turned down from ultra on numerous occasions for the other games, but this was to be expected.


Austin EvansEvans also tested Fortnite because why wouldn’t Fortnite be on the PS5…

“It is the closest look that we’ll have to the level of performance of the next generation until the end of 2020,” Evans claims. “4K at a locked 60 frame a second seems totally do-able with this next generation of consoles.”

For the most part, the hardware performed better than expected, leaving Evans to conclude that the PS5 is something worth getting excited about.


How to find & beat Ruin Guards in Genshin Impact: best strategy

Published: 7/Oct/2020 22:56

by Meg Bethany Koepp


If you’re not prepared, Ruin Guards in Genshin Impact can mess your day up. They’re enormous, intimidating, and shoot homing missiles at you to boot. So, how do you defeat them? We’ve got everything you need to know so you can get the upper hand on these ruthless giants.

Genshin Impact is the latest craze to sweep 2020 by storm. First, we had Fall Guys, then Among Us, and now it’s miHoYo’s free-to-play action role-playing title. Fans are transported to the realm of Teyvat where they meet a whole host of characters who they can recruit to their team via gacha mechanics using real money.


The game is heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in its design, with players exploring its vast open-world to discover new locations, defeat enemies, find treasure, and more. One such foe you’ll encounter is the Ruin Guard – a scary-looking mechanical monster who can cause devastation if you don’t know what you’re doing. But that’s where we come in to help.

genshin impact open world
The action RPG has a massive open world with lots to see and do.

Where to find Ruin Guards in Genshin Impact

If you haven’t come across one on your travels yet, you’re lucky – they’re terrifying. It’s self-explanatory, but they can be found guarding ruins and treasure. This means if you want to get your hands on the goods, you’ve got to go through them first! Their loot can be pretty good though, so if you’re up for the challenge, it’s worth seeking them out.


The first Guard you’ll probably find yourself up against is the one at the Thousand Winds Temple in Mondstadt. The RPG’s story takes you there in the first couple of hours, so you don’t need to go out of your way to find it.

Once you’ve conquered that one, there’s another at Brightcrown Canyon – which is on the northeast coast of Cider Lake – and also one in the Stombearer Mountains. There are likely more in other regions of the world, but they’ve not been discovered yet at the time of writing.

amber in genshin impact
miHoYo / Twitter: @brentrkoepp
Amber is one of the characters you should use to defeat Ruin Guards.

How to defeat Ruin Guards in Genshin Impact

So, you’ve found yourself in a Guard’s path, whether that’s deliberately or not. It locks eyes with you, and starts to chase you down, sending homing missiles your way as you try and dodge the carnage… What do you do?! There’s actually a specific method to the madness, but we suggest you’re at least level 18 before taking it on.


If you look at the giant’s head, you’ll see a glowing orange eye – that’s where you want to strike. There’s also a similar area on its back as well, which is revealed when it stops to ready the explosives it sends your way. In this case, you’ll want to play as an archer character to make hitting those critical spots a lot easier.

Amber is great for this, and you get her early on in the main story campaign so there’s no worries about not having someone on hand who can wield a bow and arrow. Fischl and Venti can also be used if you’ve been lucky enough to recruit them via the Wish mechanic.

fighting a ruin guard in genshin impact
miHoYo / Twitter: @brentrkoepp
Ruin Guards put up a fight, so make sure you’re stocked up with healing items.

Once you’ve struck the monster at its weak points enough times, it’ll fall to the ground and this is when you’ll want to switch to a melee fighter and hack away at it with your sword or claymore. It’s also a good opportunity to unleash special attacks for maximum damage.


Do this enough times, and you’ll eventually win the battle. A nearby treasure chest will unlock too, handing you some sweet items as a reward. The mechanical beast might seem intimidating, but with some patience and a good battle strategy, you’ll soon reign victorious.