PS Plus glitch means Tekken 2 will cost you over $13,000

. 2 weeks ago
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Tekken 2 is one of the headline PS1 classics that has arrived as part of the revamped PS Plus service, and it seems like Sony values the game highly as its standalone price exceeds $13,000.

Due to the success of Xbox Game Pass, a reworking of Sony’s PlayStation Plus service was always on the cards, and the update is now in full effect with the PS Plus subscription service consisting of three different paid tiers.

The top tier is PS Plus Premium which entitles gamers to all the usual benefits of PS Plus, plus access to a selection of PS4 and PS5 games, as well as classic games from the PS1, PSP, and more.

Tekken is one of the much-heralded franchises from the PlayStation 1’s early days, yet Sony’s valuation of Tekken 2 as a separate purchase seems to be slightly on the pricey side.

kuma fighting yoshimitsu in tekken 2
Tekken is considered to be one of the all-time great fighting game franchises.

Tekken 2 could cost you $13,000 on PS Plus

Clearly, something has gone awry behind the scenes at Sony to allow this craziness to happen, but that appears to be the case.

We’ve known for some time now that if you’re keen on PS1 classics, but aren’t willing to shell out for a monthly or yearly subscription to PS Plus Premium, then you’ll be able to buy games individually.

What players didn’t bank on was Sony selling games such as Tekken 2 for roughly 200 times their original RRP!

In some cases, players have managed to capture the digital price of Tekken 2 selling for even more money — $13,000 to be precise. Twitter user Dusty Mac shared a screenshot of the game’s price, potentially in Canadian Dollars based on the user’s profile and location, and it shows the mind-boggling figure.

The news has well and truly caught the attention of Twitter, in particular, the current Director of the Tekken fighting game franchise Katsuhiro Harada who said: “WHAT A MARVELOUS PRICE SONY.”

We’d have to believe that this is nothing more than a typo, or a price test on Sony’s end that hasn’t been reset to what the game’s digital RRP should be. If you’re keen on purchasing Tekken 2 from PS Plus, we’d recommend waiting until Sony has rectified its mistake.

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