Project M: Trailer & everything we know so far

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Project M character looking at the camera

Project M is an upcoming interactive movie experience that aims to wow players with its ultra-realistic graphics, emotive story, and cinematic direction. Here’s everything you need to know about this new title. 

Project M is the latest interactive story title that has caught the attention of gamers, particularly fans of Heavy Rain and Detroit Become Human. The upcoming game is being developed by NCSoft – a South Korean team known for MMOs like Guild Wars and Lineage. 

While details on the title remain rather scarce, we’ve covered everything we know about Project M, from the game’s release date, platforms, story, and trailer details. So, if you’re interested in this hyper-realistic title, then be sure to check out our hub below. 


Is there a Project M release date?

Project M QTE
Project M will feel familiar to fans of Quantic Dream games.

NCSoft has yet to reveal a release date for Project M. The developers revealed that the title is still in early development and that more details will be revealed as work on the game progresses.

Because of this, it’s unlikely that we will see Project M launch this year. We’ll update this section as soon as we hear further details, so be sure to check back here often. 

Project M platforms

Project M trailer screenshot
Project M aims to put an emphasis on hyper-realistic graphics.

According to the official Project M blog post, the game will launch on consoles. As the title Utilizes real-world 3D scans, motion capture, and ultra-realist VFX, it’s likely that the it will only release on the latest generation of hardware. 

The developers note that Project M utilizes Unreal Engine 5, which aims to create environments with “high-quality graphics” and “photo-realistic” levels of detail. News on a PC release has yet to be announced, but further announcements will likely be made further into development. 

Project M story

Details surrounding Project M’s story remain scarce, but the official blog noted that the game is about a man seeking revenge over the death of his lover. There also appears to be a shady organization at the very helm of this tragedy, which leads the protagonist to look for answers via violent means. 

Project M trailer

During the Project M trailer, viewers were treated to a technical showcase of the game’s realistic environmental textures, emotive facial expressions, and motion-captured character animation. 

Those familiar with games like Heavy Rain and Detroit Become Human will note how Project M retains similar quick time events (QTEs), which are used to make on the fly decisions. These inputs will impact the ending of the game, with certain events changing according to the user’s selection.

So, there you have it, everything we currently know about Project M. Make sure you check out our other release guides below:

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