Pro wrestler works Nintendo Switch into his gimmick and it’s amazing

pro wrestler nintendo switchPaige Watchey Photography

The Nintendo Switch played a big part in pro wrestler Big Game Leroy’s recent match; needless to say, it made for an interesting gimmick.

A wrestler since his teenage years, Leroy Green, aka Big Game Leroy, started making a name for himself several years ago.

Like most wrestlers, though, standing out among the rest of the crowd proved a challenge. Thus, Big Game Leroy adopted nerd culture as his gimmick, using a passion for gaming and anime to attract the audience’s attention.

And, so far, it’s worked wonders for his career. But there’s one schtick, in particular, that warrants special praise.

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Pro wrestler brings his Nintendo Switch into the ring

Footage of a wrestling match featuring Big Game Leroy (via DS Ring the Belle) recently made the rounds on Twitter, thanks in large part to the Nintendo Switch.

The wrestler spends much of his time during the bout with a Switch in hand, taking on AI opponents while simultaneously battling a real one.

Better still, Big Game Leroy’s outfit even matches the look of the handheld with neon pink and neon green Joy-Cons. It’s truly a sight worth seeing.

The pro wrestler noted in a follow-up post that he’s used the Nintendo Switch schtick multiple times. On one occasion, Big Game Leroy even hit pause on an opponent mid-match.

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Though some assumed Animal Crossing served as Big Game Leroy’s game of choice, since he’d need to focus while competing, the wrestler actually brought Super Smash Bros. into the ring.

Evidently, the gimmick runs much deeper than anyone could’ve guessed. It should be interesting for wrestling fans to see how else the concept evolves as time goes on.