Pokemon Unite Glaceon guide: Best build, held items, moves

Pokemon Unite Glaceon BuildTiMi Studios

Glaceon is Pokemon Unite’s newest special attacker. The eeveelution is different from most of its counterparts, dealing most its damage from ice stacks gained by its passive. If you want to master Glaceon, we’ve got a Pokemon Unite Glaceon Guide here which includes the best build, held items, and move sets.

To celebrate the game’s first year anniversary, Pokemon Unite is releasing three new pokemon, with Glaceon serving as the first to debut.

Similar to the other eeveelutions, Glaceon also evolves at level 4 and deals special attack damage. But this pokemon’s damage output centers around its icicle system, created from its moves alongside boosted basic attacks. This makes Pokemon Unite Glaceon’s main priority attack speed.

This is just a brief overview into what the best Glaceon build in Pokemon Unite will look like though — so read on for a full guide to their best held items, moves, and more.


Glaceon Pokemon Unite overview

As a whole, Glaceon is pretty weak when it’s still Eevee. Lackluster damage and squishy stats make it easy prey for stronger early game Pokemon. Try to play it safe until level 4, avoiding unnecessary fights.

Because of its weak early game, going center/jungle as Glaceon is preferred — allowing Glaceon to farm and scale effectively into the mid-to-late game.

pokemon unite glaceonYouTube: Pokemon UNITE
Glaceon relies heavily on its basic attacks.

Pokemon Unite Glaceon Battle Items

Each of these battle items has their own use, catering to different objectives and play styles. But as a whole, X-Speed seems to work the best on Glaceon.


For Glaceon, X-Speed provides insane utility. Since the pokemon needs to remain fast on its feet, the extra movement speed helps Glaceon position effectively to kite and shred the enemy.


This particular battle items works wonders for attackers in the current meta. Increased damage stats and faster attack speed allow Glaceon to thrive in those key team fights.

Eject Button

Only take Eject Button you’re simply really used to the extra utility. Its long cooldown makes it fall short — especially compared to the longer lasting and shorter cooldown X-Speed.

Pokemon Unite Glaceon Held Items

There are two very viable held item build paths for Glaceon: Critical Hit Glaceon and Special Attack Burst Damage Glaceon. Depending on the Emblem system, these may get tweaked a slight amount, but the base information presented here should provide a great general guideline.

Critical Hit Glaceon

Glaceon is the only special attacker in the game that can critical strike. And since the pokemon gains a lot from having additional attack speed, the critical hit Glaceon build is completely viable — albeit definitely strange for a special attacker.

Recommended Held Items:

  • Muscle Band
  • Scope Lens
  • Razor Claw

Alternative Held Items (switch out Razor Claw)

  • Focus Band

For Glaceon, taking Muscle Band is an absolute must. The pokemon relies on its enhanced basic attacks to stack its passive, which is its primary damage output. Scope Lens and Razor Claw hone in on the critical strike portion of Glaceon.

But for players finding themselves far too squishy, use Focus Band instead of Razor Claw. The defensive stats and healing from Focus Band come in absolutely clutch. Switching out Razor Claw instead of Scope Lens works better since Scope Lens is the better critical strike item for basic attack reliant pokemon like Glaceon.

Special Attack Glaceon

This build path prioritizes the typical special attack scaling, which is a bit more reliable than the critical striking Glaceon build. If having to choose between the two, this build is likely more versatile — with the other one providing a bit more of a gimmicky play style.

Recommended Held Items

  • Muscle Band
  • Choice Specs
  • Focus Band

Alternative Held Items (switch out Focus Band)

  • Wise Glasses
  • Special Attack Specs

Once again, Muscle Band is an absolute must. Choice Specs is arguably the best held item to take when only opting for a single special attack item, since it provides high stats and bonus damage on hit.

As for Wise Glasses, this item actually works best when used together with Choice Specs. Players would need to switch out Focus Band, making for a pure glass cannon build. Special Attack Specs are more so for players who just like the item. It’s a bit unreliable, but for those who love to dunk, go for it.

Recommended Moves

Best Moves

  • Icicle Spear
  • Ice Shard

Alternative Moves (switching out Icicle Spear)

  • Icy Wind

Icicle Spear and Ice Shard are the best moves for Glaceon during its initial release, honing in on Glaceon’s inclination to rely on its boosted basic attacks to maximize damage output.

Between Icicle Spear and Icy Wind, Icicle Spear wins out due to its high damage output that synergizes with Glaceon’s Unite Move. Icy Wind, on the other hand, doesn’t actually stack and interact properly with Glaceon’s Unite Move, which cuts down DPS significantly.

Though the little jump while using Icy Wind is useful, you can still move while casting Icicle Spear. Therefore, losing out on Icicle Spear’s damage in exchange for Icy Wind costs a ton of damage.

As for Ice Shard, this move boosts Glaceon’s attack speed, which helps get out more damage with its boosted autos. In comparison to Freeze Dry, Ice Shard quite frankly far outshines its counterpart.

The issue with Freeze Dry is that it doesn’t synergize with the boosted attack playstyle, while providing very little utility. Its damage is very low, and the CC is minimal, making the move terrible. Just don’t take Freeze Dry until the developers buff it.