Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer teases bizarre new Region theme

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is set to take players to a brand new region and eagle-eyed players think they’ve spotted an early theme for the fresh location. 

Scarlet and Violet’s release is still a while away but the earliest teasers already have fans on the hunt for new information on the new era of Pokemon.

That means that every single glimpse of footage is being examined under the metaphorical microscope, and that persistence may have paid off this time around.

After careful examination of the game’s second teaser, it seems that a peculiar trend emerged throughout the footage.

Secret gym clues may have been exposed in the second Pokemon Scarlet and Violet teaser

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet surely holds tons of new secrets but players may have already cracked the code on the first one.

The big thing that fans have latched onto is the appearance of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s new legendaries: Koraidon and Miraidon.

Both of these exotic new creatures have characteristics that resemble vehicle parts, and with a little help from some other teaser details, trainers are starting to put together what that means for the game.

One excited fan broke things down piece by piece for the respective new additions: “The legendaries look rideable! The red one has a wheel on its chest, its horns look like motorcycle handles, and the feathers look like a seat, while the violet one had jet engines, shoulder handles, and also a seat!”

On top of this, the game’s second teaser also showed off a revamped Pokemon Center theme that is only adding fuel to the fire.

Instead of the iconic multi-story buildings of the series’ past, the new-look version looks far more like a gas station with a concession window. Also, motorsports are widely popular in Spain, which means this lines up well with the other Spanish influences that have been revealed so far

As for how far this vehicle influence goes across the rest of the region, players will have to wait for another trailer to make heads or tails of the situation.

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