NFL player Jamaal Williams reveals favorite Pokemon type and explains what an Eevee is

Jamaal Williams laughs with EeveePride Of Detroit

New Orleans Saints running back Jamaal Williams revealed his favorite Pokemon type to reporters. The NFL player also offered a simple explanation of what an Eevee looked like.

Formerly on the Detroit Lions, Williams trended on social media for his introduction as the “first Swagg Kazekage” during an NFL game in January 2023. In the video, he wears a Naruto headband and jacket from the classic shonen anime.

After seeming uninterested in a question, Williams responded, “I don’t care. I just want to play football and go home. But you’re holding me right now. I just wanna go home and play Pokemon.”

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The running back also became offended when a reporter mistakenly pronounced Pokemon as “Pokeman.” “Don’t do that,” Williams said. “You can’t disrespect Pokemon like that. Pokeman?”

Williams Reveals His Favorite Pokemon Type

Darkrai appearing in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

ESPN uploaded an interview with Williams wearing an Eevee hat while he answered various questions related to Pokemon. The football player explained that Eevee was “basically a cat” with the ability to evolve into eight different Pokemon, otherwise known as Eeevelutions.

Williams then declared that he would become a Dark-type trainer if given the opportunity. He assumed reporters may have thought he would have picked a more cheerful typing before Williams menacingly laughed. The NFL player also brought the Eevee hat and a Nintendo Switch to his official signing with the Saints.

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On the Reddit forum r/pokemon, user Greninjahax posted a picture of Williams in a Gengar beanie during another post-game interview. The comment section praised the player’s style choice and called him a “national treasure.” New_Essay_4869 added that Jarrett Allen of the Cleveland Cavaliers played Pokemon during the announcement of his All-Star title.

Williams isn’t the only NFL player to geek out about Pokemon. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes shared that the team created a Pikachu-inspired play for Super Bowl 57 against the Philadelphia Eagles on February 12.

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Mahomes revealed they attempted to pass the ball to a “big Pokemon collector” and named the formation “Gotta Catch ‘Em All.” At the Superbowl, the Chiefs prevailed over the Eagles with a final score of 38-35.

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