Pokemon-inspired RPG Temtem gets Switch & Xbox release date after early access

luma temtem in grassCrema

Temtem has spent a hefty amount of time in early access fine-tuning its gameplay and developers Crema now clearly feel it’s the time to release their Pokemon-inspired game to the world on major platforms including Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

A few games have borrowed ideas and core principles from the ultra-successful Pokemon franchise before, but few have gone to such extreme lengths to pretty much clone it. But Temtem has done that, and not only have the devs tried to embrace previous Pokemon criticism to avoid those mistakes here, but they have actually managed to give the game its own identity.

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As a result, the game is now ready and is gearing up for its full launch later on in 2022.

Temtem release date announced

Crema has announced that Temtem is available for pre-order right now on Xbox, and Switch players will be able to follow suit soon, to secure a copy for the game’s September 6, 2022, release date.

Previously, it had only been in early access on PlayStation 5 and PC, but now it’s getting a wider release.

Here is what their official statement on the matter had to say: “You’ve been asking us for a date and we can finally answer! September 6th is not only the day we launch our final version and leave Early Access, it’s also the day we reach Xbox Series X and S and Nintendo Switch! To all our Tamers out there who have patiently waited for this, thank you, and we’re super eager to welcome you onto the Archipelago on September 6th!”

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In addition to this, they also confirmed that the game will have a Standard and Deluxe Edition, and there will also be a Physical and Collector’s Edition too.

You can check out the new release date trailer for Temtem right here below.

Whichever platform or edition of the game you opt for, Temtem is sure to provide some healthy competition to The Pokemon Company’s lucrative franchise.

With over 100 Temtem to catch, it won’t be as difficult to catch ’em all, but with its whole future ahead, Temtem could be the next big thing.

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