Pokemon Go player discovers unreleased item in game’s first trailer

YouTube: Niantic

A Pokemon Go player has spotted an unreleased item in PoGo’s very first trailer, an item which has appeared in other legacy Pokemon titles. 

When Niantic adapted Pokemon into the augmented reality game fans now know and love, the devs needed to choose what items from Pokemon’s legacy titles to include in the game. 

In the game’s very first trailer, we see a few teasers for what the game would go on to deliver. From various monsters, raids, and trading. Included in that trailer are players using items, one of which never made an appearance. 

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A player on the Pokemon Go subreddit posted a screenshot of the trailer, with a player questioning what one of the appeared items, honey, is. 

Here’s a rundown of the item and what it does in Pokemon lore. Honey first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl as an item you can use to attract wild Pokemon to capture. Once it was used on a tree, and after waiting for several real-world hours, it will eventually attract Pokemon which you can capture. 

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Pokemon Go players wonder why honey was not added into the game

As a player pointed out, “it was most likely some sort of early version of incense that was scraped” they said. And as other commenters also pointed out, it also takes over the function of lure modules as well. 

The item is still in the game’s code, but has had nothing done to it as of yet. A few players did propose that it would be an interesting mechanic if the game made you put honey on trees and attract Pokemon.

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However, since the eighth Generation, honey has become effectively useless in catching Pokemon. In Sword and Shield, honey had all its monster luring abilities removed, which made its only purpose to be sold for money. 

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