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Pokemon GO is Still Making Millions of Dollars Per Day in Revenue

Published: 9/Jul/2018 16:52 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:06

by DG Goldstein


Pokemon GO appears to still have an enormous hold on the mobile gaming market two years after its initial release after reports state that it brings in over $2 million a day.

When it comes to worldwide gaming sensations, few titles had a grasp on the mainstream population like Pokemon GO did after its highly-anticipated release in July of 2016 which quickly became an industry titan.

The game became popular among all walks of life due to its simplicity and easy-to-use user interface, allowing players of different backgrounds to get in on the action and attempt to climb the ranks.

However, after being at the top of the industry with such prominence, Pokemon GO seemingly fell off the radar for many as players eventually got tired with its repetitiveness – or so some thought.

In a report by SensorTower on July 6th, two years after its launch, Pokemon GO is bringing in $2 million per day in player spending which may come as a surprise to many that believed the game had lost its touch.

This enormous daily figure brings the title to over $1.8 billion in revenue since July of 2016 with the United States and Japan accounting for over 60% of spending across the globe.

A breakdown of spending by country can be viewed below.

Image: SensorTower

With Niantic rolling out new features for Pokemon GO and the game still planning to have a launch in China in the future after partnering with NetEase, there is no telling how long the game can remain as a major-player across the mobile gaming industry.

 More information on Pokemon GO and its revenue numbers can be found on the SensorTower website.

Source: SensorTower

Apex Legends

Respawn looking at options for Apex Legends Cross-Progression

Published: 24/Oct/2020 10:28

by Joe Craven


Respawn have confirmed they are considering their options for Apex Legends cross-platform progression ahead of the game’s launch on Steam on November 4. 

After months of waiting, Apex Legends fans are finally getting ready for their favorite battle royale to be made playable on Steam. EA’s partnership with the company sees their EA Play service moving over to Steam, meaning a host of titles will become available.

The Apex Legends launch on Steam – confirmed to be coming on November 4 – will also coincide with the launch of cross-play. This means that lobbies will no longer be platform exclusive, but it has also raised some questions about cross-platform progression.

Players who have been playing on Origin will be able switch back and forth with ease: “If you’ve previously been playing on Origin,” the post in the Steam Community said, “you can easily switch back and forth with Steam—all your account progression and unlocks will carry over between the two platforms.”

However, some players began to question the ability to switch between platforms and still maintain progression. In other words, if you play on multiple platforms, can you merge progression across them all under one account. Players who have purchased skins on one account, for example, may be forced to purchase them again if cross-progression is not enabled.

Respawn’s Game Director Chad Grenier was on hand to reply, saying: “It’s something we are very passionate about, and we’re looking at our options available. Much harder post-launch since users may have multiple accounts to merge or use. Easier with Steam because it’s at launch. We’ll give an update when we have something to talk about.”

Respawn director on RedditGrenier says they’re looking at all the options to make it happen.

In short, it seems like cross-progression between console and PC won’t be available as soon as the game’s Steam launch, but it certainly sounds fairly high on Respawn’s ‘to-do’ list.

As Grenier said, it is much harder to add a feature a couple of years down the line that it is to add the feature into the launch of the game on a new platform. Apex fans will have to wait and see how this one plays out.