Is the PlayStation Network down? PSN users reporting major outage on June 13 [UPDATED]

Sony PlayStation

UPDATE 4:09 PM PST, June 13

PlayStation Network is back up and running again finally, meaning players can enjoy all of its services once more.

Sony’s PlayStation Network is currently down for players all across the world, with no idea of when normal service will resume.

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PlayStation fans are furious with the company after their PlayStation Network service suddenly ceased to work, meaning players can’t play online multiplayer games, use the PlayStation Store, or access their PlayStation Plus games.

Sony PlayStationAll of PSN’s services are offline.
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The official PlayStation support Twitter account acknowledged the downtime, tweeting, “We’re aware that some users are experiencing issues logging into PSN. Thank you for your patience as we investigate.”

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It’s not the first PSN issue this month

PSN users encountered errors with the service earlier this month, after their consoles were telling them that they needed a PlayStation Plus subscription to access online features, even though they already had one.

PlayStation’s official UK support Twitter responded to reports of the fault, advising users to log in and out periodically to see if it resolved the issue.

The service eventually resumed normal service, much to the relief of PSN players. Seems like PlayStation couldn’t go a few more days without any issues, though.

Issues with the service were already reported across the world earlier in the month.

People are angry

Obviously an outage of this scale is going to be met with anguish from fans, especially if they pay for the PlayStation Plus service.

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One fan even punched his system over the downtime, tweeting, “Damn… I just punched my PlayStation because I thought it was fucked up.”

Xbox fans were quick to react to PlayStation’s tweet, finding the entire situation absolutely hilarious.

“Xbox would never,” one fan said. “I just switched to ps4 and I’m already regretting it. When Xbox has this problem it took no more then an hour or two to fix,” another person complained.

We will let you know as soon as the service is up and running again.