PC Building Simulator 2 Preview: A promising upgrade to the popular tech sim

PC Building Simulator 2PC Building Simulator 2

PC Build Simulator 2 has taken everything that fans love from the original, and somehow found a way to make it better.

It has been three years since the release of PC Building Simulator, which brought entertainment to both casual gamers as well as your biggest PC enthusiasts with highly detailed building processes and almost a dozen different DLC packs.

What made PC Building Sim stand out aside from simply having a high-quality game is its ability to include parts and accessories from the top manufacturers like MSI, Gigabyte, and ASUS.

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This gives users the most accurate building processes, which in turn gives the franchise an educational aspect, as players will be able to build their own real-life computers after playing the game.

After getting hands-on with the sequel, it’s clear developer Spiral House has taken these same aspects into consideration with their upcoming sequel: PC Building Simulator 2.

PC Building Simulator 2 Career Mode

In the original PC Building Sim, the protagonist ‘Uncle Tim,’ who created “Tims RED HOT Repairs” decided to go abroad, leaving the shop to the player with no money, no components to use, and customers haven’t exactly been happy with the way Tim has been treating their computers.

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Being a true sequel, PC Building Simulator 2 continues Uncle Tim’s sketchy actions.

Right as career mode starts inside of a new, run-down, workshop, the game points to a letter that Uncle Tim left on the counter. After you pick it up, you learn that the old home of Tims’s RED HOT Repairs “mysteriously” burnt down and, yet again, the protagonist is missing in action, not only leaving you with a business to run but a new building to renovate.

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Outside of the story and a change of scenery, it’s very much reminiscent of the original PC Build Sim. However, Spiral House has found all the right spots to somehow, make a good game even better.

PC Building Simulator 2’s tablet makes multitasking easier

In the original, players had to run back and forth between their workbench and work PC to do everything regarding the business, whether it be checking emails for new customer orders or making a purchase for an incoming order.

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PC Building Simulator Tablet DecoratorPC Building Simulator
Alongside being able to access your email and shop, the tablet offers a decorator app to change around your workshop.

Thankfully, no longer do players have to run back and forth between the workbench and PC to make sure jobs are accepted and orders are placed. Shortly after beginning a career, a tablet gets delivered that gives you all the basic features needed to run a successful repair business.

PC Building Simulator 2 lets you assign parts to specific builds

Running a repair business with multiple customers can be confusing, and it was definitely an issue in the original PC Building Sim. There’s nothing worse than receiving a customer’s computer, just to place it on the workbench and realize you don’t have the right part in your inventory.

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PC Building Simulator 2

Spiral House has fixed that by adding a parts tracking system to the shop. As soon as you place an item into your cart, the shop asks what customer that part belongs to. The game also warns you if you place a PC onto the workbench without the proper item in your inventory, making the feature even better.

PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta

The Open Beta includes the first five levels of the 30+ hour career mode, as well as a sample of Free Build with a limited number of the over 1200 officially licensed parts.

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If you’re interested in checking out PC Building Simulator 2, the Open Beta is available on the Epic Games Store from June 10 to June 20. And, those who participate will get 15% off of the price of the full game that is set to release later in 2022.

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