Overwatch players discover how terrifying Ana is with a jetpack

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Thankfully, Ana lacks the ability to fly in Overwatch, because we now know if she could, it would be absolutely horrifying.

Blizzard doesn’t have a Support hero in Overwatch that’s fully capable of flight… Yet. Yes, Mercy gets close, but she still needs something to float towards, she can’t fly around on her own.

As far as healers come, Ana is at the bottom of the list when it comes to mobility, with no movement abilities to speak of (even Zen’s ultimate makes him a faster).

Sensing this injustice, Overwatch workshop guru ‘andygmb’ decided to see how it would play if Ana could fly around, similar to her daughter Pharah.

To be fair, it could be the fact that Andy decided to test out Ana’s new ability with an entire swarm of the hero carpet-bombing their way through Volskaya, which would send anyone running for cover.

Just like Pharah, there’s a bar indicating how much longer you can fly around for, because you can’t just float forever, that would just be ridiculous.

“Something about a fleet of Ana’s tossing nades from above is terrifying,” Reddit user Frozewind said in the comments, and we would have to be inclined to agree.

On Twitter, Jupit compared andy’s clip to an AC-130 gunship, a plane used by the U.S. military, and one of the most memorable killstreak rewards from Call of Duty.

The ability to fly would, obviously, make it much easier for Ana to flank, and reach areas she otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It would also make it much easier to heal teammates since you could just rise above any obstacles. Sleeping enemies would also become much easier, as it’s a bit tougher to dodge the dart when it’s coming from a higher angle.

Thankfully, we probably don’t have to worry about the grandma of Overwatch taking flight anytime soon, now or in 2 — whenever it comes out. If anything, Blizzard is more likely to just give us brand a new Support hero who can fly to join Echo and Pharah above everyone else, before they’d give Ana a hilarious buff like this.