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Outrageous Overwatch skin idea turns Roadhog into a beer-bellied brawler

Published: 29/Nov/2020 21:50

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch fan has come up with an idea for a redneck Roadhog skin that would be absolutely perfect for the can-crushing, beer-bellied hero.

It’s no secret that fans of Blizzard’s popular 5v5 shooter are some of the most creative out there, and once again the community has outdone itself with this new idea for a Roadhog skin.

Hog is a favorite pick for Tank players who no longer feel like playing as a Tank, and he’s quite the accomplished outdoorsman, based on some previous skins, like his ice-fishing one.

Now, hog has once again turned in his meathook for a fishing hook in the “Backwoods Roadhog” concept created by artist ‘Reinwald.’


Roadhog gives the thumbs up on Junkertown
Blizzard Entertainment
Roadhog: terror to Supports and…accomplished hiker.

The Aussie definitely looks like he’s spent a bit of time in the Outback with this skin idea. Most jarringly, instead of a gas mask, he has an actual mouth and face, although with a giant beard and sunglasses to cover most of it up.

With no mask, refreshing his health with filters wouldn’t make much sense. Luckily, he has a sixer of what looks like Pabst Blue Ribbon locked and loaded over one shoulder.

Along with some appropriately filthy overalls (this is Roadhog after all) his hook is now a giant fishing lure, with a fresh catch still attached, which would look hilarious as it flies right at you.


For this sketch though, the little details really make it a great one. The little pig on his trucker hat, the farmer’s tan, and the crossed double-barrel shotguns appearing in the tattoo on his belly.

Roadhog backwoods Overwatch skin
Why use worms when the enemy Mercy makes such great bait?

With this skin, Roadhog and Mountain Man McCree could team up and have a grand old time hunting, fishing, and living off the land. It’s such a good idea that we wouldn’t be surprised to see Overwatch come up with something similar somewhere down the road.

For now, we do have the Winter Wonderland event to look forward to for new hero skins, which usually starts in early December. Hog already has two cosmetics for the event, so the chances of him getting another could be fairly slim to wrap up 2020.