OTK is making a video game: Project Honor details, RPG gameplay, artwork, more

Splash art of a Warrior from Notorious Studio's new gameNotorious Studios

Notorious Studios, backed by OTK, has announced its first online RPG game and while details are scarce for the time being, here’s an early look ahead at what to expect from the popular streaming group.

Named after their World of Warcraft guild, Notorious Studios was founded in 2022 by a pair of ex-WoW developers, Chris Kaleki and Douglas Frazer. The studio partnered with OTK, the content powerhouse, to create a video game.

OTK partnering up with a game studio is not new. With 100 Thieves’ Project X and Midnight Society’s Deadrop both announcing video games in the works as well. 

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In a new first-look video by Notorious Studios, we now have our first ideas of what their new RPG, Project Honor, will look like.

Official splash art for the studioNotorious Studios
Official splash art for the studio working alongside OTK.


Project Honor RPG Gameplay

According to Notorious Studios, Project Honor will be “a class-based, online action RPG where you can go on adventures solo or with friends to get loot and resources.”

It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to compare it to WoW, the online RPG game both co-founders worked on before starting up their own studio. 

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On their website, they teased some of the classes we have come to expect in any RPG game. Mage, Warrior, and Priest, each with their own unique class-specific gameplay. 

Gameplay wise, it will be a third person game with melee combat, spells, and abilities made for PvPvE. There will be both dungeons and an open-world area for players to explore.

Notorious Studios says their vision for Project Honor is “World PvP: The Game.”

No gameplay footage has been publicly released yet, but they announced that an initial playtest is going to commence sometime this year, and anyone can sign up for it on their website here.

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Artwork for Project Honor

In Notorious Studio’s latest Tweets, they revealed splash art for Project Honor, depicting one of the main classes, Warrior. 

But before the first look, the studio also released an assortment of early concept art for the game which you can find below. 

Game engine used for Project Honor

Notorious Studios says on their website the game will be using Unreal Engine 5, Epic Game’s recent iteration of the legendary game engine. 

Project Honor will be part of a new crop of games, such as The Witcher 4, Tomb Raider, and Layers of Fear, to utilize the game engine. 

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Render of a city scene with Unreal Engine 5Unreal/Epic Games
Render of a city scene with Unreal Engine 5

Other content org video games in development, such as 100 Thieves’ Project X are also being developed in Unreal Engine 5.

The accessibility of Unreal Engine 5 is making it a popular choice for smaller and indie developers who want to create high-fidelity games which were previously unachievable without big budgets. 

Does Project Honor have a release date? 

As of right now, no, Project Honor does not have a release date.

In the first look announcement, they mention the game is still in the very early stages of development and they can’t show anything just yet. 

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But with playtesting commencing sometime this year, we can estimate it should be out in one or two years’ time in some form of early access.

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