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No Man’s Sky dev revives old iOS title after touching fan-request

Published: 28/Jan/2022 1:26

by Alan Bernal


No Man’s Sky dev Sean Murray revived one of Hello Games’ first-ever titles after a heartwarming request brought Joe Danger back onto the iOS App Store.

Murray revealed a last-ditch effort from a parent to somehow get ‘Joe Danger Infinity’ in working order since years without an update made it literally unplayable with iOS’s modern version.

As Hello Games worked to create the massive galaxies in NMS, Murray admitted that Joe Danger Infinity didn’t get the attention it needed to live on.

“A secret shame of ours is that the success of No Man’s Sky left our first game Joe Danger unloved,” he said. “Sadly since iOS culled older games it no longer worked on latest Apple devices.”


But the father’s plea on behalf of his son, who has Autism and clings to good ol’ Joe, was too much for Murray to ignore.

“As you probably know, children with autism deal with a great many struggles, chief among them are great difficulty with social interactions,” the parent said. “However, one of the things that have enabled Jack and me to bond is our shared love of video games, specifically Joe Danger.”

So the Hello Games founder rebuilt Joe Danger Infinity for a special relaunch in 2022.

“It’s been a hobby project bringing Joe Danger back to life. Slowly rebuilding it piece by piece through eight years of technology changes.


“It’s sad that games slowly rot and many disappear. Hopefully, this gives Joe the happy life he deserves. We owe him that and more.”

joe danger
Hello Games
Joe Danger Infinity is a sequel to the Hello Games’ title that eventually led them to make No Man’s Sky.

The 2014 sequel was a successor of Hello Games’ first project, Joe Danger. Two years after that, the studio released No Man’s Sky, which had a turbulent launch that eventually became one of the most successful turnarounds in gaming.

On the other side of No Man’s Sky, the call to remaster Joe Danger Infinity made it to Murray who brought back the auto-runner title to the modern-day