No Man’s Sky players are losing it over a new pirate teaser

no mans sky updateHello Games

A cryptic No Man’s Sky teaser is already stirring up the fanbase as players speculate what it could mean for the next major update and PVP.

Hello Games have been hard at work building its endless galaxy in NMS and players have been eagerly awaiting what the studio have been cooking up since they first released the Expeditions patch.

That update introduced a huge focus on community gameplay features and quests that breathed new life into the title. It allowed people to explore the worlds in No Man’s Sky together and opened up a lot of freedom on how to play the game.

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With that said, the company could look to throw another wrench in the wheels given its latest teaser. It’s not much to go off of, but it’s already sending players in a craze.

no mans skyHello Games
Hello Games are preparing for it’s next big update for No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky Pirate update?

Hello Games founder Sean Murray put out a simple image to the No Man’s Sky community, and players are already convinced on what they want to see for the upcoming patch.

On April 11, Murray tweeted a single ‘Pirate flag’ emoji with no added context or hint for what it could mean to his studio’s mainline project.

This instantly made people excited over a potential ‘space pirate’ theme in the next content patch and all that it would entail.

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As the Expeditions update winds down, Hello Games have given its player base all the tools it needs to link up and play together. If they were to explore pirating in space for the next update, it could mean yet another massive addition to the title.

Everything from combat overhauls to new gameplay could be on the table, but we’ll still have to wait and see what Hello Games have in store for the next big No Man’s Sky update.