Nintendo Switch successor reportedly using upgraded processor from Samsung

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New leaks indicate that Nintendo’s next console, which could serve as a spiritual successor to the Nintendo Switch, will be built using Samsung’s 5nm 5LPP process technology.

Since the Nintendo Switch first released in 2017, rumors and speculation as to what console or hardware will come after it were quick to begin. While it outclasses the rest in terms of portability, its core specs lack in comparison to newer arrivals like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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And while a potential Switch 2 has been discussed in recent years, a new leak provides some potential insight into what Nintendo could be working on in the future.

Insider claims next Nintendo hardware will use Samsung’s 5nm 5LPP

Korean insider @OreXda was the one to leak the new information, though it’s important to note that these details are simply rumors at the time of writing. However, OreXda has built up a reputation for accurately leaking information, particularly in regard to the mobile industry.

They claim that the next Nintendo console will be powered by a new NVIDIA Tegra chip, which will be built using Samsung’s 5nm 5LPP (5nm Low Power Plus) process technology. The leaks were posted on Twitter, with OreXda promising to update their thread when more information is made available to them.

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Back in March 2022, hints of a Nintendo Switch 2 system or Nintendo Switch Pro console surfaced in the aftermath of a massive NVIDIA DLSS source code leak. However, nothing has been confirmed about the potential new console since.

The original Nintendo Switch released back in March 2017, with the console debuting with titles such as the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Since then, Nintendo has developed new titles for their main IPs including the Mario franchise, Animal Crossing, and many others. Their recent big release, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is still riddled with performance issues and as a result, many gamers called on Nintendo to focus more on developing stronger hardware, which these leaks suggest they are planning on doing.

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