Nintendo Smash Direct for Dragon Quest’s Hero announced – when and how to watch


Super Smash Brothers players across the globe are waiting for the game’s next DLC character, Hero from Dragon Quest, to be released they’re going to find out when very soon. 

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Nintendo has announced a Direct featuring series creator Masahiro Sakurai for July 30 at 6:00am pacific standard time where he will discuss the new character reveal when Hero will be released. 

There’s also going to be new details about Hero’s kit and potentially Smash itself. According to the announcement graphic, there will be a 22-minute demo of the character. 

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For those wanting to watch the Nintendo Direct live, you can do so on Nintendo’s YouTube and Twitch channels. If you miss out on watching it right away, don’t worry. It should be archived on the same channels. 

Hero was announced as Smash Bros Ultimate’s newest DLC back at E3 in June and was slated for a summer release. There’s been tonnes of speculation on when in the summer Smashers will be able to get their hands on the game’s newest fighter. 

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NintendoThe Smash Brothers roster continues to expand
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An announcement video by Nintendo hyping the company’s summer releases was originally had July instead of summer in the title leading some to believe Hero was being released in July.

It’s very possible that Hero could be released the day of the Nintendo Direct, confirming the prior leak. However, Nintendo also confirmed recently that Hero had underwent some changes, which could impact his scheduled release. 

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NintendoHero was announced as Smash’s next fighter at E3
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A Japanese ad has also led to speculation that Hero will be released in the last days of July or even at Evo 2019 where Smash Brothers will be headlining the primetime Sunday slot to bring the event to a close.

Over 3,000 players have registered to compete in Smash at Evo 2019. The most out of any game featured at the event.

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What do you want to see at the new Nintendo Direct? Let us know on Twitter.

For more on Hero’s pending release and Smash Bros, keep it locked to Dexerto. 

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