Nintendo responds to report that a 4K Switch is in development

Nintendo 4K Switch consoleNintendo

A report claiming some studios have been making games for a 4K Switch has been shot down by Nintendo. Here’s what we know.

When Nintendo unveiled the latest version of the Nintendo Switch many people expected it to feature 4K. This would allow it to keep up with its latest rivals, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Instead, the latest version of the Nintendo Switch was the OLED update, one that isn’t capable of 4K while docked or in portable mode.

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Rumors of a 4K Nintendo console have been flying around the web for years, with Nintendo categorically denying they are working on such a console. This denial, plus the announcement of the OLED Switch dashed many gamer’s hopes of a 4K Nintendo – at least for now.

Yet according to Bloomberg, staff from 11 different games developers have all claimed they have been sent Nintendo 4K console dev kits to start work on potential games. A number like 11 separate claims is too many to ignore, especially when they range from small to very large triple-A studios. Some have also said they have been told not to discuss these projects further in public.

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4K Switch - oled modelNintendo
The announcement of an OLED Switch was disappointing to some Nintendo fans.

Nintendo 4K console denied on Twitter

Of course, these claims are all we have to go on at this moment. Neither Nintendo nor the employers of these developers have officially confirmed the claims are true. Nintendo has also issued a statement on Twitter to confirm that Bloomberg’s report is not accurate and that they have not supplied any 4K console kits to developers.

Bloomberg defended their report saying the claims are based on 4K kits sent to developers before the OLED Nintendo was revealed as the final product. Essentially, according to their sources, developers were sent Nintendo’s capable of 4K, but the plans evolved into the OLED model.

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Nintendo has reiterated they have no plans for any further Nintendo Switch models other than the OLED version. This releases on October 8, 2021. However, this is unlikely to be the last games console Nintendo ever produce.

Naturally, 4K would be a desirable addition to any future consoles that release after the OLED Switch. Therefore, a 4K Nintendo console in the future shouldn’t be entirely ruled out – just don’t expect to see it any time soon.

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