“Nintendo Kart” trends as Mario Kart 9 details spark rebrand rumors - Dexerto

“Nintendo Kart” trends as Mario Kart 9 details spark rebrand rumors

Published: 11/Jan/2022 1:55

by Alan Bernal


Days after new details on Mario Kart 9, “Nintendo Kart” started to trend on Twitter after speculation grew of where the racing game could go for the sequel.

People gave their take on the “new twist” that Nintendo could be planning for MK9 after Kantan Games’ Dr. Serkan Toto, a Gamesindustry analyst, said that the title was in “active development.”

Twitter largely gravitated to an idea that would bring more characters and tracks from other Nintendo franchises into the racing game, similar to Smash Bros’ monstrous roster of fighters.

Discourse grew on the possibility, and some even dubbed an extreme version of a mashup “Nintendo Kart.” Conversations eventually snowballed into detailed discussions on the pros and cons, which started to trend on Twitter.


Is ‘Nintendo Kart’ Mario Kart 9’s new twist?

mario kart
Mario Kart fans are wondering what Nintendo could have planned for MK9.

Nintendo are expected to give Mario Kart 9 a new dimension of gameplay like they did with MK8 and the rest of its previous titles.

But Twitter sounded off on the possibility of opening up the franchise to other Nintendo worlds, considering the success of Smash Bros and the rise of upcoming ‘metaverse’-esque titles.

“Seems that a popular idea for Mario Kart 9 is to turn it into Nintendo Kart where various franchises are included instead of mainly focusing on Mario,” one person said. “Can we please not, Mario Kart is currently the best chance we have of seeing any of the more obscure Mario Characters again.”


Reasons were given for why Nintendo should and shouldn’t turn the beloved racer into a “Super Cart Bros,” as some people quipped about.

While we can expect the game company to find a creative draw for its timeless title to incorporate some next-gen trend, it’s still unclear where the devs will go.

The Gamesindustry analyst believes a Mario Kart 9 teaser could be shown in 2022 which could shed more light on the game’s direction.