Nintendo fans reveal surprising demand for Switch successor

nintendo switch console and logoNintendo

The Nintendo Switch has enjoyed incredible success since it launched and players have now cast their votes to indicate how big they want the successor to be. Do they want it to be bigger, smaller, or is the Nintendo Switch just right?

After the less-than-stellar sales performance of the Nintendo WiiU, the well-renowned video game company bounced back in spectacular fashion with the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid device plays brilliantly in handheld form or docked and millions of players have been drawn in by this.

It continues to sell like hotcakes and the addition of the OLED Switch has only helped matters. But, there will come a point where the Nintendo Switch will inevitably run its course.

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As with all its predecessors, the N64, Gamecube, Wii, etc, the Switch will eventually be replaced and superseded by the latest and greatest model. Fans recently took part in a poll to explain how big they’d like it to be and the results were surprising.

link running in zelda breath of the wild 2Nintendo
Can you imagine how good future Nintendo games will look on the next generation of console?

Next Nintendo console size?

On the popular gaming forum ResetEra, a ballot was conducted to try and ascertain what fans would like the next Nintendo console to be like in terms of its size and accessibility.

When all was said and done, 609 votes had been cast between the three different options. These were the choices that players had:

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  • Be smaller and more portable at the sacrifice of screen size and ergonomics.
  • Be larger and less portable but having the benefit of possibly better ergonomics and larger screen.
  • Please just keep it like it is, I’m not re-buying another set of Joy Cons if I can help it.

The winner with 311 votes (51.1% of the voting) was “Be larger and less portable but having the benefit of possibly better ergonomics and larger screen.”

Wiiu Console setupNintendo
Does the WiiU have useful design features that may prove useful for a new Nintendo generation?

Voters categorically did not want it to be smaller and 36.5% were happy to keep it the way it is now, but presumably a bit more powerful.

Interestingly, one user actually suggested using the WiiU for guidance: “Larger and more ergonomic, more similar to the Wii U gamepad, the current Switch is so small and heavy my hands literally hurt and get cramps from holding it a few minutes in my palms, not to mention reaching the Right Stick and D-Pad is literally painful for me, I went from using my Wii U without the TV a ton to never using the Switch portably because of it.”

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There doesn’t seem to be any proper talk from Nintendo yet about the Switch sequel, and if anything, we still have a potential Switch Pro to come out first.