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Nintendo confirms major security breach impacted 160,000 accounts

Published: 25/Apr/2020 1:22

by Theo Salaun


In an official statement, Nintendo has confirmed that “about 160,000” accounts have had their data breached by illegal logins through the impersonation of Nintendo Network IDs.

The Switch is incredibly popular right now – and not just with players collecting turnips, but also apparently with hackers intending on collecting user data.

In statements released today, Nintendo explained that one of the ways to sign into your account, the NNID, was illegally impersonated to log in and collect user data — and that this has been going on since early April. While payment information should be secure, the following details may have been compromised: nickname, date of birth, country/region and email address.

Money trees are a surefire way to make a few extra bells in Animal Crossing.
Hackers have tried to turn Nintendo users into their own personal cash trees.


To deal with the situation, the Japanese company has entirely disabled logins through NNID and is encouraging all users to enable two-step verification as a precautionary measure. As for those whose accounts were impacted, or even possibly affected, Nintendo is reaching out via email to reset passwords.

Although rare, there have been some reports of payment methods being affected. Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips reports that “some people whose accounts had been accessed had seen charges on their account via linked payment methods for up to £100 worth of digital items — most commonly, Fortnite’s VBuck currency.” 

In response, the company’s Japanese statement notes that users should investigate their purchasing history, cancel any suspicious purchases and wait for customer service to respond. 


While only confirmed today, the hacking has been going on since early April. This is not the first time Nintendo has been breached, but should hopefully be a wake-up call in privacy preparedness. 

You have to wonder if thousands of accounts could have been kept secure had the company alerted users and recommended two-step verification earlier in the month.

For now, in an effort to limit future hackers, the company is not clarifying exactly how the unauthorized access was gained. 

Switch and Switch Lite users alike are at risk of the data breach.


Until more information is released, owners of the popular consoles should take care of their passwords and be vigilant in disputing suspicious charges.


Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra release time: US and UK

Published: 22/Oct/2020 4:22 Updated: 22/Oct/2020 4:27

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra expansion releases today. There is a lot of confusion about its exact release time, which we are going to help clear up.

It was announced a few weeks ago that the Crown Tundra expansion releases on Thursday, October 22. As that date has drawn closer trainers have begun to question what time it will release. After all, it’s a long time to wait if the exact time is unknown.

Unfortunately the Pokemon community are all in the same boat whereby nobody seems to know a conclusive release time. Let’s share what is official, though.

Pokemon HOME maintenance

Nintendo have confirmed Pokemon HOME will be down for maintenance from October 22, 23:00 UTC to October 23, 04:00 UTC. That’s an hour behind the UK.

That’s October 22, 4pm PDT to 9pm PDT and October 22, 7pm EDT to October 23rd, 12am EDT for the west and east cost of the US, respectively.

Exact release time

So, why is the Pokemon HOME maintenance important in respect to the Crown Tundra release time. It’s because Pokemon Sword and Shield’s first DLC, the Isle of Armor, released following its maintenance back in June.

While no confirmation has been given, presumably, it will be the same for the Crown Tundra. That means the exact release times are expected to be as follows:

  • US West Coast – October 22, 9pm PDT
  • US East Coast – October 23, 12am EDT
  • UK – October 23, 5am BST
  • Central Europe – October 23, 6am CEST

That means, to the disappointment of many trainers, the Crown Tundra expansion won’t release until October 23 in many regions. Something the Pokemon Company kept quiet!

DLC, not a new game

It has been reported elsewhere that the DLC will release at October 22, 9am PDT. However, this is for Nintendo digital-only software and not for DLCs.

“DLC for games is not added at a regular cadence. For questions about specific DLC release timing, please check the specific details for that game or verify with the game publisher,” the official Nintendo US website states.

Hopefully Nintendo will clear up any misconceptions about the exact release time but for the moment it looks like it’s a safe bet trainers can get their hands on Pokemon Sword Shield: The Crown Tundra once the scheduled Pokemon HOME maintenance finishes. We need Detective Pikachu on the case!