NFT console developers Polium deny they copied GameCube assets

Terry Oh
Polium One Logo
Polium One

NFT console developers Polium have faced backlash from the community with people accusing them of copying the GameCube’s iconic logo. They deny the claims but will rebrand while also deflecting other criticisms of the Web3 service.

Polium, a niche console developer, recently announced their brand new game console: The Polium One. The console is marketed to handle all sorts of Cryptoverse gaming, allowing users to handle NFTs more efficiently.

But very soon after their official reveal, members of the community immediately attacked the company — claiming theft and piracy. The biggest, most widely vocalized claim is that the Polium Logo completely copied the Nintendo GameCube’s.

The uncanny resemblance wasn’t lost on the internet and the developers soon addressed it.

“We did not copy the Nintendo GameCube logo. There are multiple companies that are using a similar logo. But we will illustrate a new logo that is original,” they said.

Polium One console matrix background
Dexerto / Polium
NFT gaming console Polium One is being widely criticized within hours of its reveal.

But on top of the logo plagiarism — people claim stolen art work was used on their website as well. The artwork was swiftly removed without a statement from the developers.

The developers have also addressed concerns of its reliance on Web3 technology, a divisive topic in the online space. Those behind Polium One believe they can “execute on the roadmap” and deliver as promised.

“The console will have games and exclusive games. We are currently in talks with different Web3 Game Developers and will make some announcements soon. We know that a console can’t be successful without games,” they added.

“We have experience in hardware and software. The console will be built and we will execute on the roadmap. This space bashes builders who are building for Web3 to help it expand. We are also building the console for ourselves and will not stop.”

The Polium One’s main goal is to solve the problem of playing games hosted on multiple chains, integrating it into one single console. They showcase a preemptive game library on their official website.

Their biggest selling point prioritizes its strong specs — boasting 4k Ultra HD, 120 FPS cap, a fingertip scanner, and ray tracing.

Despite the seemingly impressive hardware, many remain skeptical towards the Polium One. Only once they officially launch in 2024, or if they do, will we be able to tell if the Polium One lives up to its promises.