New Witcher game officially confirmed by CD Projekt Red and Epic Games

Witcher 4CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red has confirmed that the next game in the Witcher series is officially in development. They have said it will be a new saga in the series, and utilize Unreal Engine 5.

Following the smash hit that was the Witcher 3, CDPR have announced they’ve started work on the next game in the Witcher series.

Beyond this initial confirmation of “a new saga” in The Witcher franchise, no further details — such as a development time frame or release date — were provided.

However, one detail we do know is that CDPR will be moving from the REDengine (used on Witcher 3) to Unreal Engine 5.

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Ciri in the spotlight

The only teaser image we’ve seen so far appears to show a cat medallion, which could be a major clue. Ciri had a cat medallion in both the novels and game series, while Geralt rocks a wolf one.

Additionally, in a 2020 interview CDPR had confirmed that a new Witcher game would start development after the launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

At the time, devs said this fourth game wouldn’t be a direct sequel to The Witcher 3 either, which means there’s a very strong possibility this story will feature Ciri front and center. Alternatively, CDPR could have something totally different up their sleeves. For now, there’s no details on where this game will take us in the Witcher universe.

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Screenshot of Geralt and Ciri in Witcher 3.CD Projekt Red
Ciri played a major role in The Witcher 3, but could only be controlled by the player for short bursts, while Geralt was the main character.

There is no release date for the fourth Witcher game, but we wouldn’t expect a quick turnaround for what will certainly be an epic undergoing for CDPR.

For Witcher fans now, there is still a next-gen release of The Witcher 3 to look forward to.