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New Valorant map Icebox revealed for Act 3

Published: 6/Oct/2020 16:19 Updated: 6/Oct/2020 16:44

by Andy Williams


Riot Games have confirmed that a new map called ‘Icebox’ will be coming to Valorant in Act 3. Set in the wintery tundra, this will be the fourth map added to the rotation, after Ascent debuted in Act 1.

If there’s one feature that has been at the forefront of Valorant player’s requests, it’s a new map. After the introduction of Ascent in Act 1, players have been longing for a new map to add to the already stale rotation of Split, Bind, Haven and Ascent. Now, the wait is over.

Coming in Act 3 (scheduled to drop on October 13), Icebox will be the fifth addition to Valorant’s map rotation. Based in a blistery tundra, the map is taking Agents into unknown territory — the cold.

Take on the Tundra — Icebox

Presumably, players will be able to play the traditional Spike-Defuse game mode, as well as Spike Rush and FFA Deathmatch on the tightly-packed map.

Caught in a blizzard, a ship full of containers is stranded. Based on the reveal video, the map will offer verticality like no other — with the ability to traverse zip-wires to get from specific regions on the map.

While on the surface the map appears to be tightly-packed, the reveal showcases a mixture of indoor and outdoor spaces, which will naturally lend itself to a healthy mixture of gunfights and different engagements.

Icebox in Valorant.
Riot Games
Tightly packed. A small mid section of containers is all that separates both Attackers and Defenders in their respective spawns.

Given that the map appears to sprinkle elements of verticality throughout, players will have to approach both Attack and Defense with that in mind. So ability usage will no doubt be key in taking control of key areas on the map.

Of course, this will also give professional players the long-awaited map pool that will permit a best-of-five without needing to repeat maps. On top of the new map, a new Agent is expected to make their debut in Future Earth during Act 3.


How to defeat Kyurem in Pokemon GO – December raid times & counters

Published: 3/Dec/2020 1:18 Updated: 3/Dec/2020 1:19

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon GO’s December 5-star raid boss has been revealed, and its Legendary dual-type dragon Kyurem. Here is everything you need to know to easily defeat the Gen V ‘mon.

First introduced in fifth generation titles Black & White in 2010, Kyurem is dual Dragon/Ice type Legendary. The epic creature belongs to the Tao trio, which also consists of Reshiram and Zekrom.

In December, Pokemon GO players will have another chance of battling the beloved character in 5-star raids. We will go over the best team that will have you taking down the ‘mon in no time at all.

Screenshot of Legendary Pokemon Kyurem in December GO raid.
Pokemon GO / Niantic
The epic Unova Dragon will be Pokemon GO’s 5 star Raid Boss for December.

Kyurem December raid times

The Unova Pokemon’s 5-star raid begins on December 1, and ends on January 1st at 1:00PM GMT / 5:00AM PST.  While the beast can spawn randomly throughout the day for the entire month, there will be four dates where it is guaranteed to show up.

On December 2, 9, 16, and the 23rd, Niantic will host their monthly raid hour. The start times are from 6-7pm on each of those days respectively, so be ready to jump on in.

Below we will go over the best Pokemon to bring into the battle to counter the Legendary Dragon. While fierce, the dual-type can be brought down with little effort.

Best counters for Kyurem

Screenshot of Lucario battling in Pokemon anime.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Fighting-type Pokemon like Lucario are a great counter to Kyurem.

Because of Kyurem’s dual nature, it has handful of weakness that Trainers can exploit. Steel, Fighting, Fairy, Dragon, and Rock are the main elements that can quickly counter the ‘mon and bring down its health quickly.

  • Lucario (Fighting/Steel): The wildly popular Gen IV is a great pick going into this raid. Not only does he pack a strong punch with some hefty attack, but his Fighting/Steel type are two of Kyurem’s main weaknesses. Using Aura Sphere will take a chunk of its health.
  • Metagross (Steel/Psychic): Metagross is another amazing option as it will hit the Legendary hard, especially with the Steel move Bullet Punch. Trainers who have the Gen III character’s Legacy move Meteor Mash will do incredible damage.
  • Dialga (Steel/Dragon): Like Lucario, the Gen IV Dragon will hurt Kyurem on two fronts with its Steel & Dragon advantage. We recommend using Metal Claw and Draco Meteor or Dragon Breath for maximum damage.
  • Zekrom (Dragon/Electric): While the Unova Legendary’s Electric type isn’t ideal for Kyurem, its Dragon moves are incredibly strong. Both Dragon Breath and Outrage are good way to take down its health.
  • Machamp: (Fighting): Not every Trainer is going to have some of the more rare monsters listed above. Machamp’s Counter & Bullet Punch make it a perfectly capable counter to the Legendary creature.
  • Conkeldurr (Fighting): The Gen V Fighting type is already popular with its Counter and Dynamic Punch moves. The moves are a perfect exploit for Kyurem’s weakness.
  • Togekiss (Fairy): While most will focus on Fighting and Steel first, let’s not forget about Fairy’s advantage over Ice/Dragon. The Gen IV character can chip away at the Dragon’s health using either Charm or Dazzling Gleam.

As stated above, Kyurem’s 5-star Raid battles will last the entire month of December. However, remember its final day is the first day of 2021, so don’t sleep on this epic boss.

Niantic is also kicking off the winter holidays with the Battle League Season 6 and the Holiday Cup. Tune in to Dexerto for more strategies on how to beat GO’s future competitions and events.