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New PlayStation 5 patent could reveal final console design

Published: 5/Jun/2020 2:58 Updated: 5/Jun/2020 3:15

by Brad Norton


The look of the PlayStation 5 may have just been locked in as a new patent from Sony has revealed a full design of the upcoming console.

While the gaming industry anxiously awaits the full unveiling of next-gen hardware, Sony has drip-fed information throughout the year. Full specifications were outlined in March and the DualSense controller was revealed in April. However, the design of the console itself has remained under wraps.

After a delay to the Future of Gaming presentation, a new patent published on June 4 may have just lifted the lid on the PlayStation 5.

Sony’s PS5 devkit in all of its glory.

The new patent included 10 detailed images of the devkit console, breaking down each component from a variety of angles. An overhead view showcases a ‘V’ style design on top of the box with fans on either side.


As a version of the console exclusively for developers and not the general public, this appearance may not be final. However, an alleged leak from 4chan appears to confirm that the shape of the final, consumer-friendly version, remains similar.

An alleged look at the final PlayStation 5 design.

PS5 is plastered on the right of the front face, Sony on the left, and a disc drive sits between them. The PlayStation logo is on top of the console inside of a ‘V’ imprint that carries over from the devkit hardware.

A big difference between the two designs in the reduction in total fans on the alleged consumer design. The backside of the box features a small amount of ventilation, similar to the PS4, though there are no openings on top of the console similar to the beefy PS5 devkit.


Regardless of the visual differences, the hardware looks to be quite sizeable in both designs. An earlier prototype could have already given us a glimpse of just how big the soon-to-be-released PlayStation 5 will really be.

Twitter: Alcoholikaust
Early PS5 devkits hold true to the newly patented design.

Take this alleged leak with a grain of salt. Only time will tell if this alleged design holds true to the final product. Sony’s next-gen console is still on track to hit store shelves at the tail end of 2020.

As always, Dexerto will keep you in the loop as new PS5 details are revealed.