New Persona 5 spin-off and Persona 3 remake imminent suggests leak

Persona 5 Strikers' Phantom Thieves as seen in reveal trailer.Atlus

Another Persona 5 spin-off looks to be on its way alongside a Persona 3 remake, according to a newly discovered domain registered by publisher Atlus.

Persona has established itself as one of the premier JRPGs on the market with Persona 5 and its enhanced version, Persona 5 Royal, being particularly successful.

This success has prompted multiple spin-off games including Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, Persona 5 Strikers, and Persona 5: The Phantom X.

And now another spin-off looks to be on the way plus long-term fans could be getting that Persona 3 Remake they’ve wanted for years.

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Domain registration points to new Persona games

Atlus has registered domains for two projects, as spotted by Persona Central. The domains that have been registered are ‘P5T.JP‘ and ‘P3RE.JP‘.

The domains seem to hint at two new Persona games with P5T likely to be a Persona 5 spin-off and P3RE being a remake of Persona 3.

These two domains were spotted after Atlus transferred them from Onamae to Amazon Route 53. Onamae is a popular choice for registering ‘.JP’ domains while Amazon’s Route 53 service offers a large-scale international alternative.

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Official reveal of combat gameplay in Persona 3 Portable on Steam.Atlus
Persona 3 Portable was ported to modern consoles and PC in January 2023.

History suggests that Persona announcements tend to follow shortly after moves like this. In December 2018 the ‘P5R.JP’ domain was similarly transferred with an official teaser following just five days later. The same is true of the two Persona dance spin-offs that were announced in August 2017.

The timing of this has given Persona fans hope with several big game events right around the corner. The Summer Games Fest will see a bunch of new game announcements with Persona possibly making an appearance.

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With the PlayStation showcase already gone and Atlus not hosting its own event, the Xbox Games Showcase seems the most likely to feature a possible Persona announcement. To avoid missing out you can watch the Xbox event on June 11 at 10 AM PT.

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