New Marvel Midnight Suns trailer gives in-depth look at Spider-Man gameplay

Philip Trahan
marvels midnight suns spider-man sense header image2K Games

Publisher 2K Games gave fans an in-depth look at everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in Marvel’s Midnight Suns in a brand new trailer.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns continues to detail more and more Marvel heroes within its growing cast.

Now, the official Midnight Suns YouTube channel released a six-minute giving fans an in-depth look at Spider-man, including aspects of his abilities, and tactics best used for his general playstyle.

Through multiple battle segments, players can see a variety of different cards Spider-Man can use in combat and also see a bit of what building a relationship with him outside of combat is like.

Marvel Midnight Suns trailer shows off Spider-Man

spider-man marvel's midnight suns suit2K Games
The latest Marvel’s Midnight Suns trailer gave fans a look at the famous acrobatic wall-crawler’s playstyle.

Like the Iron Man and Captain America trailers before it, content creator Christopher Odd hosts the Spider-Man deep dive trailer helping to break down all the intricacies of Spider-Man’s ability suite.

True to his storied history, Spider-Man’s playstyle in Midnight Suns is fast-paced, with many quick and free abilities at his disposal.

For example, Spider-Man can make use of a card called Chain Strike which allows him to target an enemy for an attack and if that target is KO’d he can chain another target, with a maximum of four total.

Additionally, Spider-Man has a variety of abilities that conserve resources like Heroism points, such as the Opportunist card that allows him to use environmental attacks without using Heroism as well as gaining two extra moves that turn.

Fans also get to see what Peter Parker is like outside of combat, as the trailer shows the Hunter interacting with Parker in the team’s hideout, playing video games, and discussing grad school.

The full trailer gets much more detailed about Spider-Man’s full potential, but overall it seems like Spider-Man is going to make a versatile addition to the roster of Marvel’s Midnight Suns as a unit who can both clear out lesser enemies and control the battlefield.