New Hogwarts Legacy trailer showcases Dark Arts Deluxe Edition pre-order bonus

Hogwarts-Legacy-Dark-Arts-Deluxe-Edition-Announced-GamescomPortkey Games, Warner Brothers

Hogwarts Legacy has released a new trailer during the 2022 Gamescom showcase, detailing Unforgiveable Curses and a special deluxe edition pre-order bonus.

Hogwarts Legacy is the highly anticipated open-world Harry Potter game currently announced for release on February 10, 2023. The game, which will take place in the 1900s Wizarding World, includes sprawling maps of the iconic Hogwarts castle and the grounds beyond it.

The past few years have been bumpy for Hogwarts Legacy with multiple release date delays that have discouraged those interested in the game.

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However, the new trailer offers some interesting insight into recently announced features, and details a special pre-order bonus, indicating the game is likely going to hold to it’s 2023 release date.

What is the Hogwarts Legacy deluxe edition pre-order bonus?

The pre-order bonus for the deluxe edition of Hogwarts Legacy is the Dark Arts Pack.

Hogwarts-Legacy-Dark-Arts-Deluxe-Edition-BreakdownPortkey Games, Warner Brothers
Hogwarts Legacy deluxe edition pre-order bonus

According to the Hogwarts Legacy trailer, The Dark Arts pack is for the digital deluxe edition pre-orders, and will include a number of exciting add-ons for players to use in-game. Below is a list of everything included in the pack.

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  • Thestral Mount
  • Dark Arts Cosmetic Set
  • Dark Arts Battle Arena
  • Onyx Hippogriff Mount
  • Dark Arts Garrison Hat
  • 72 Hours Early Access

The most eye-grabbing inclusion in the pre-order list is the 72-hour early access window. While the rest of the benefits are mostly for cosmetic purposes, the chance to get and play the game early is a surprising extra that many fans would feel is worth the investment of a deluxe edition.

Pre-orders for Hogwarts Legacy will begin on August 15, 2022 at 8 AM PT, giving those interested in the game plenty of time to snag a copy early before the release date next year.

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