New Grounded story trailer and details revealed at Inside Xbox

by David Purcell


Obsidian revealed a whole host of new information on upcoming title 'Grounded' during the Inside Xbox broadcast on April 7, including a fresh story trailer for the survival game.

Running around in the wild is something you can do in almost every game, but in Grounded, characters are just as small as the bugs and obstacles any back yard has to offer.

The title will be available to play in both multiplayer and single-player, coming exclusively to Xbox. The official release date for the game is July 28, 2020, meaning that this one will land in Xbox One first, with the Xbox Series X coming later in the year.

Grounded gameplay
Xbox, YouTube
More Grounded gameplay footage was revealed at Inside Xbox.


With the machine that can return players to their normal size currently out of order, they will be left to fend for themselves in Grounded. In order to do that, we now know that there will be Fortnite-style building included in the game.

In terms of weapons, those revealed in the new trailer include a bow and arrow, sticks, as well as a few others. The full trailer can be seen below.

New Inside Xbox Grounded story trailer


"Go big or never go home" is the main message from the trailer, with the story seemingly built around the idea of eventually returning to normal life and escaping the smaller version of yourself – which looks like a pretty interesting concept.

In terms of travel, players will be able to move from place to place with the in-game dandelions, floating around at will. The trailer revealed as much.

You can either continue this story or link up with friends online, and it looks like Grounded could be one of the most interesting exclusive releases on Xbox in the coming months. Whether or not it will pop off like Fortnite and other games remains to be seen, but the early signs are impressive.