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New Elden Ring images reveal details about monsters and magic

Published: 27/Aug/2021 20:04 Updated: 27/Aug/2021 20:11

by Alec Mullins


The Gamescom party continues as FromSoftware debut new screenshots from the upcoming Elden Ring.  

A new look at Elden Ring has arrived in the form of four brand-new screenshots.

Fans have waited with bated breath for the collaborative project of Dark Souls developers FromSoftware and A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin, but details about the game have been slow to release. Hopefully, these screenshots signal the beginning of a new wave of information.

Elden Ring screenshot details

Elden Ring/FromSoftware
We don’t recommend jousting against dragons.

The Dark Souls series is no stranger to the world of dragons and wyrms, and it looks like Elden Ring will continue to feature them in a major role. This could also represent George R.R. Martin’s contributions to the world. The man does have a touch for creating stories centered around warriors and dragons, after all.


The surrounding art tonally falls in line with the FromSoftware style – dark and gloomy, with a masterful understanding of what sells an environment. The tree directly above the rider seems to be similar to Yggdrasil, the World Tree of Norse mythology.

Elden Ring/FromSoftware
The magic in Elden Ring is equal parts mysterious and beautiful.

Another screenshot shows a scene familiar to any RPG-player – a scary giant monster that uses magic while its minions rush directly at you. The character featured here seems to fall closer in line with the traditional Dark Souls character model than the knight in the previous image.

There’s a nice array of weapons being featured here, as each enemy holds something distinct from one another.


Elden Ring/FromSoftware
Mystical magics continue with the shiny golden orb. Don’t mind the skeletons.

This is the most cryptic of the images that we’ve seen. A golden orb sits atop a pile of skeletons. Are those strange creatures a part of this ritual, or trying to interrupt it?

It’s not totally clear what we’re seeing here, but it surely relates back to the hunt for the Great Runes, the shards of the now-destroyed Elden Ring.

Elden Ring/FromSoftware
This one looks very similar Bloodborne. These things have the same body type as the Chapel Giants in the Cathedral Ward.

Those blades might invoke nightmares for anyone who played the original Dark Souls or it’s remastered counterpart.

The combination of classic Soulsborne imagery mixed with a hint of Japanese Kesho painting paints an eerie, disturbing image for anyone hoping to explore the Lands Between.


This new, up-close look at the game is an exciting tease while we wait for an official trailer ahead of the game’s official release on January 22, 2022.